Car Fumes Are Bad for Your Hair, Studies Find:

Ok, so you may be sitting here reading this with a bald bonce and no hope of your hair making the kind of comeback last seen by Aston Villa last week in the Carabao Cup, but for those of you who do have the kind of lustrous mane others would happily kill for, the news is that air pollution from car fumes is causing havoc with the hair of the nation.

The pollution, which is made up of small dust, metal, oil and gas particles can, it seems, be a contributing factor to hair loss and dull, dirty and fragile hair. Pantene have recently published research which shows that vehicle pollution can cause hair to break as a result of the loss of lipids (fats and oils) which keep hair strong and healthy. 

Meanwhile, over in Korea, researchers found that not only does the dust and diesel particles from vehicle pollution damage the hair that you have, but it can be shown to have an effect on hair growth, damaging crucial proteins that are needed for hair to grow.

Not only are the particles in pollution found to be a problem, but the gases contained within the pollution also play a part in hair damage, penetrating the hair follicles and leeching away vital moisture.

Many skincare companies already make products that are designed to tackle the effects of pollution on the skin, but until recently, it was thought that any bog-standard shampoo would be enough to undo any damage, but this latest report seems to question that. 

So, what can you do? If you’re someone who is on the road a lot for their job, then the first thought would be to use protection – covering with a hat or a wrap to minimise how much pollution can get to your hair. Alternatively, a gentle detoxifying shampoo is recommended, but take care not to use one that is too harsh and strips the hair of its natural oils. Thirdly, look for a deep conditioner that is designed to tackle environmental damage. Look for the word’s ‘antioxidant’ and ‘fights free radicals’. 

Then, look for a hair serum to add hydration and act as a protective barrier. If you suffer from a flaky scalp, look for a scalp exfoliator. This will help remove dead skin cells and stimulate hair growth if your hair is fine or prone to shedding. 

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