4×4 Driver Hits Six Cars Leaving the Gym

Did you see the recent news story about the woman who managed to hit six cars at her local gym when driving her large 4 x 4? Four vehicles were written off completely, while another sustained damage. It wasn’t pretty. The car park of the gym, 24/7 Fitness in Liverpool looked more like a scene from a post-apocalyptic movie, than a quiet suburban gym.

The woman initially left the scene, driving away having sustained significant damage herself, before returning later with her father to admit it was her and hand over her details. 

We can only imagine what her car insurance premiums will go up by. She claims that there was an issue with the brakes of the 4×4, but, if that was true, how was she able to drive it away (shocked Pikachu face)? There does appear to be ever more large off-road vehicles on the road, and it does ask the question of why so many people think they are competent to drive something so much bigger than a regular road car? And it’s not just a question of gender – there are just as many male idiots in big cars who seemingly lack any road sense or acknowledge the sheer size of their car, compared to theirs. 

While the driver of the 4×4 may feel safer, they put other cars, such as sports cars, at much greater risk of total annihilation by a careless driver, simply because of their size and how much room on the road they take up. And, when driven by younger, less experienced drivers who lack the years of driving knowledge that others have (Let’s remember, the driver in question went to get her Dad), it begs the question of whether or not there should be extra measures applied to road users who are inexperienced getting behind the wheel of these behemoths in the first place. 

Let’s hope for this woman that there really was an issue with her brakes that she can prove caused the collisions, otherwise, it’s simply a matter of bloody awful driving and she can wave goodbye to the days of cheap car insurance. Thankfully, even if you have had a prang or two that was or wasn’t your fault, someone on our site will be able to help. Simply fill out our form for the most competitive car insurance renewal deals and let them do the legwork for you. 

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