Top Tips to Save on Your Car Insurance Renewal

Aaand we’re back! How was it? Everybody have a good one? So, as another year of news, views and opinions from the front line of motoring and car insurance trundles slowly from a standing start to the heady straights of a whole new decade, we thought we’d kick the year off with some top tips for making sure you save big on your next car insurance renewal.


It’s all in the timing. You’ll find the best time to look for car insurance is around 20-26 days before your renewal date. Peak date is actually 24 days before, but this overall is prime time for locking in the best car insurance savings.

Don’t just auto-renew:

Shop around for the best deal. You often find that what was a great deal last year, isn’t necessarily the best deal this year. Thankfully, we can help, thanks to our simple online form, which puts you in touch with a selection of brokers, all competing to get you the best possible deal out there.

See if you can squeeze your current insurer

When you’ve got the best deal out there in front of you, it’s always worth a call back to your existing insurer (speak to them direct) to see if they can offer to match or beat the deal you have. If you’ve got the best deal out there, chances are that they won’t, but it’s always worth a try.

Check your personal details are all up to date:

Is your credit record and paper trail all present and correct? Are you on the electoral roll and have you moved and not updated your detail with the powers that be? Built a drive in the last year or a nice new garage? Be sure to update where your vehicle is parked overnight if there’s been any changes.

Check different job titles out:

We’re not suggesting you lie, but sometimes there is a significant difference in insurance costs just as a result of your profession. There are plenty of variances for many different jobs (if you’re a deep-sea diver or an actual rocket science, probably less so), but it’s worth jumping on a price comparison website and trying out the prices of a few different titles that actually apply to your role. Again – we’re not suggesting you make this up, as it could invalidate your insurance – just be sensible here, guys. 

Don’t be tempted to lie

Just to hammer home our last point. If you’ve got 9 points on your license, don’t fluff it and say you only have 3. Or that you keep your car in your garage when realistically the only thing in there is an old sofa which hasn’t seen the light of day for the last 10 years. Not only could your insurance be at risk, but you risk losing your licence too if you’re dishonest about things. 

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