New Year’s Driving Resolutions

So, we’re at that time of year where we like to sit back, think about the year that has gone before us and look forward to what is to come for the year ahead. 

But what about our driving? Maybe we picked up a ticket along the way last year, or had to endure a dreaded driver awareness course? Perhaps there was more than one near miss on the motorway?

Here are some things we can all commit to doing in 2020 to help ensure we keep our cash in our pockets and take advantage of the very best car insurance deals through the new millennium.

  1. Make sure we understand our car’s MPG. A quick straw poll around here shows while most men know the number, the majority of women either don’t know or don’t care. But being aware and driving at a sensible number of engine revs can not only help to reduce engine wear and tear, but also keep fuel costs down.
  2. Drive within speed limits. There’s no point caring about engine efficiency if you’re going to risk a speeding fine by doing 90 mph down the motorway. We’re all in a rush and we all lead busy lives but there’s no reason not to avoid those extra points on our license which always end up costing us more in car insurance premiums each year. 
  3. Don’t gamble with traffic lights. Again, it’s just not worth the three points on your license. We’re all in a hurry, but just be smart and realise the seconds you may gain from dashing through once they change could cost you on your license.
  4. Keep your car in check. A few minutes regularly checking oil levels and tyre pressure can help ensure your car stays as economical as possible to drive. 
  5. Check the junk in your trunk. Are you guilty of carrying god knows what in the boot of your car just for the sake of it? Empty it out! Extra weight reduces fuel efficiency needlessly. Time to clear out the crap.
  6. Check yourself. That you have the best possible car insurance deal around, at least. Use our quick form to ensure you’re paying the best possible price for your car insurance renewal and let the best deals come to you. It’s a no-brainer.
  7. Need a new car? Check out the best way to finance it – you may be better served saving your pennies and making up any difference with a bank loan than relying on finance from a dealership or an HP scheme. Yes, it may mean a little delayed gratification and maybe not quite as prestige a model but your overall savings may mean it’s a better option. Don’t just rely on the dealer to tell you what’s best – do your own homework and look at the real costs of getting a new car.

Whatever you do – make sure that 2020 is the best driving year yet!  We wish you all a very happy motoring new year!

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