Driving Home for Christmas

It’s that time of year – the ‘Great Christmas Getaway’!

If you were caught up in any of the floods last week, you will know that this year, it’s the wet weather that’s going to ensure you need to leave extra time to get to wherever you are going. We were all dreaming of a white Christmas, but it’s more likely to be a soggy one, sadly. And, as always, forget about relying on trains over the Christmas break – this is the time of year that most rail companies decide to helpfully do their repairs and line closures and overcrowding put all but the most resilient travellers off from even contemplating it.

Thankfully, the worst of the traffic appears to have travelled last week – Friday was the busiest day, so the positive news is that at least we are over the worst of it (famous last words). The RAC estimates that there will be a minimum of 4.7 million journeys taking place each day before before Christmas. That’s a lot of traffic.

Boxing Day and Friday 27th will see car journeys peak at around 6 million per day as people visit friends and family. The news isn’t much better that weekend, with around 5 million cars on the road each day.

The Highways Agency has some good news – 98% of roadworks will be cleared for Christmas, through to January 2nd. However, there will still be roadworks on:

  • M4 – Wokingham area
  • M62 – near Manchester
  • M6 – Stafford
  • M27 – near Southampton
  • M1 – Milton Keynes
  • M6 – near Birmingham
  • A14 – near Cambridge
  • M23 – near Gatwick
  • M4 – near Hayes
  • M20 – near Maidstone

Here are the busiest blackspots through the country that you need to be aware of:

Today (Monday 23rd December) between 10-3 is likely to be gnarly, as is tomorrow (Christmas Eve) between 2pm and 6pm (those poor souls who are still working, most likely). The majority of traffic problems will be in and around London, with the M25 seeing delays, and the M42 and M40 in the Midlands.

So, the advice is, be sure to take supplies such as a drink and blanket in case you get stuck, allow plenty of time for your journey, make sure you have live traffic reports on your satnav or on your radio and be prepared for delays. Most of all, try and take it in good grace, as an inevitable part of the holiday season. After all, you can’t avoid it, so don’t let it bother you (as much as you can, at least)

Whatever you are doing and wherever you are going, stay safe and we’ll see you on the other side for more news and great deals on car insurance for the new Millenium ahead!

Merry Christmas!

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