Top Christmas Gifts for Car Drivers:

This week, we thought we’d take a look at what you want, (what you really, really want) with a list of the very best gifts on offer for all you driving enthusiasts.

For the older driver:

Driving gloves. Oh, the nostalgia! But there’s nothing like a pair of leather gloves for gripping the wheel and keeping hands warm. Try a sheepskin or cashmere lined pair, and why not go the whole hog and get them embossed with their initials? Very suave. 

Or, how about a reversing camera, if their car doesn’t already come with one? This handy gadget just fits with any car to give a perfect view of what’s behind you…

For the boy or girl racer:

Sparco boots. Maybe it’s asking for trouble, but getting them a pair of boots like the racing drivers wear could be just the thing. Who doesn’t want that extra thin sole for that left foot braking (note, we don’t endorse left foot braking on public roads). Prices from just £34.

Limited edition F1 poster: The collection of both classic car and F1 posters at Automoblist is just incredible. Super retro and cool with unique twists, these guys produce some of the best motorsport posters around.

For the dog:

What about a pet booster seatso your mutt has the best possible view when he’s on the road with you? 

For readers:

For the car nerds, it unquestionably has to be Adrian Newey’s How to Build a Car, a step by step guide of how F1 cars are made, in language that’s (really) easy enough for a novice to understand, but engaging enough for those with more technical knowledge.

For tech fans:

How about a heated lunch box? This is great for those who drive long distances and want a hot meal, without paying an arm and a leg at the services, just plug it in to your car charger socket. 

digital tyre pressure gauge is a great gift to keep in the car. Ideal for winter driving.

Or what about a dashcam, to help keep everyone safe. Prices start from just £48. 

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