Good Housekeeping Includes Your Car

As winter closes in, the change of seasons could cost you more than a little extra time to de-ice your windscreen. In fact, a windscreen that is fogged up, dirty, covered in ice or snow could cost you up to £5,000. Yes, you heard correctly, £5,000.

Let’s be honest, most of us have, at some point, not fully waited for the mist inside our windscreen to dissipate before setting off, peering through the small patch of clear windscreen until we’re half way down the road and the fans kick in to clear the windscreen. And some of us (ahem) are guilty of not cleaning our car quite as often as we should and being party to the odd smear on the windscreen or the occasional dust bunny blowing across our dashboard. 

But, the reality is that if the police were in the mood to stop you, they could slap you with an on the spot fine of £100, plus three points on your license for careless driving for having a dirty windscreen. Yep, you head it right, three points. So, if your car is so filthy that your friends are known to leave dirty messages scrawled in the muck, or leave the name of your least favourite football team carved out of the dirt on your rear windscreen and you’ve not been the least bit motivated to clean it, despite the world thinking you really do support Birmingham City (heaven forbid!), you may wish to think about getting out the bucket and sponge and giving it a clean.  

It doesn’t end there. If you were to be involved in a serious accident as a result of a dirty windscreen, you could be fined £5,000 and be given a whopping nine points on your license. And that’s before you even start of factor in the extra you’re going to have to pay when you’ve notified your insurance company of your little faux pas. And of course, there’s nothing to say that they are going to pay out for your accident either – an event caused by excessive obstruction to the windscreen could invalidate your policy entirely and you could be refused insurance. 

Just remember too that the best way to clear a frosted windscreen is with de-icing spray and a scraper, not a kettle of boiling water, unless you want to be replacing a cracked windscreen for your troubles. Any unremoved snow or ice from your car could block a blind spot so leave you liable. Snow on the roof could also cause you problems if you were to brake hard and send it shooting down your windscreen, so please be sure to clean your entire car in snowy conditions. 

Of course, it goes without saying, we can’t make you clean your car – but you can’t ignore the cost it could have to your insurance premiums if you neglect to do so in this winter weather, so while we can definitely help you to get the best possible deal by filling out our simple form, we can’t clean it for you.

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