Tinnitus is The New Whiplash.

Yes, CCI readers, you heard it here first. If you haven’t temporarily lost your hearing, that is.

The news that’s ringing in our ears at CCI Towers is that false insurance claims for whiplash are out this season, and false claims for tinnitus are most definitely in.

What does that mean for us honest road users? Let’s spell it out, in case you’re hard of hearing:

Your car insurance costs could increase as a result of false claims.

In case you didn’t know, tinnitus is something suffered by many musicians, or machine workers who are constantly surrounded by loud equipment, which leads to often permanent damage to hearing. Tinnitus presents as either a persistent or sporadic ringing or humming in the ears. It can also be the result of certain illnesses or head injuries. There is currently no cure for it.

False whiplash claims currently cost insurers up to £2bn per year, and it was only after the government intervened that new rules were introduced, with insistence on more stringent medical checks and evidence being requested to substantiate those claims. Even so, the upsurge in whiplash claims in recent years is estimated to have already added around £90 on to your car insurance policy. 

However, according to The Telegraph, there has now been a rise in false claims for tinnitus after a car accident, as claims can be considerably higher than those made for whiplash – as much as between £6,000 and £40,000, and, much like whiplash, the existence of the problem is virtually impossible to contest and relies primarily on the patient to confirm its existence. 

What does this mean for cheap car insurance? 

If false claims for whiplash injuries have cost us around £90 extra in policy charges, the bad news is that if we see a spike in tinnitus claims, you can expect to see your insurance premiums soar even higher, unless further government intervention takes place to put a stop to things.

We can’t stop the shysters and their false claims unfortunately, but at least we can help you to get the best possible price on your car insurance renewal premiums. Just fill out our form and let our team do the rest. 

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