Added Extras on Your Car? They May Come at a Price.

Here at CCI HQ, we’re used to watching the young urchins rev up and down our street in their dropped Renault Clio’s, bass bins shaking our windows while we try not to snigger as we hear their spoilers scraping against the speed bumps. (Serves them right).

But new research from has some surprising findings. There are some car modifications you can make that can actually decrease your car insurance premiums.

Apparently, all you need to do for cheap car insurance is:

Fit a telematics device. Great idea if you’re a sensible driver who isn’t whizzing up and down Cheap Car Insurance Avenue rattling our windows to high heaven. You’ll be sure to save a packet.

One that’s great for even the less scrupulous motorist is fitting a dashcam. Get one online for under £20, fit it to your windscreen and watch the price of your premiums go down. Winner.

A tow bar can also reduce car insurance costs, although unless you’re planning to actually use it, fitting one may be a false economy.

Parking sensors can reduce the costs by up to 13%, as inevitably, they should reduce the risks of revering into that bollard (again)

But what’s going to cost you?

Look at it this way – anything that’s a modification of the original specification is going to cost more than just the price of the modification. That goes for any changes – aesthetic, functional or performance. That even goes for things such as accessibility mods, like wheelchair access or hand controls. 

Turbos, body kits, under vehicle lighting, supercharging, sports seats, tinted windows, added decals or paintwork, and carbon fibre brakes can all pile on the pounds to your ownership costs. 

Car phones, aftermarket sat nav systems, LPG conversion, roof racks – yes, even roof racks – can add on the pounds to your car insurance premium.

We can’t stop you if you decide you want to drop your suspension, tint your windows, modify your exhaust and add go faster stripes… We can snigger at you, as you whizz past CCI Towers, but we can’t stop you.

But we can help ensure that you’re covered if you do decide to modify your car. You must let your insurer know at the time of modification, not just when it’s time to renew your policy.

And if they quote you way too much, we have a solution. Simply fill out our form, sit back in your bucket seats, and let our great car insurance deals speed their way to you. 

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