A Haunting Tale of Car Insurance Woes

As we draw ever nearer to Halloween and still have no clear idea on what will actually happen with regards to Brexit, here at CCI Towers we have a spooky and haunting tale to report.

Of course, if we do leave the EU on October 31st, the biggest impact on drivers will be driving overseas in Europe.

After that date, assuming we leave without a deal, all British drivers will require a green card to drive their car legally in Europe. Risk driving without one, and you risk having your car seized, face prosecution or be handed a fine. Even if you’re driving responsibly, we can imagine there’s plenty of gendarmerie queuing up to make their governments’ a tasty packet by stopping whatever UK registration vehicles they come across. The only exception is if you’re driving a rental, where you won’t need a green card.

If you are planning a trip and need a green card, they take up to a month to arrive and are available from your car insurance company. Currently there is no charge for one, although we imagine this will change once they realise that there’s money to be made from charging an admin fee to issue them. 

If the worst happens and you have an accident whilst driving abroad, it’s likely you will need to bring a claim in the country where the accident happened, post-Brexit. That will add extra time, expense and costs to any legal case, especially if you need the services of a translator.

The Good News (for women drivers):

A lot of the recent changes in charging men and women the same for car insurance was down to an EU directive. This may be reversed if Britain leaves the EU and lead to cheaper deals for some. There are also some other EU directives that have hiked the prices of can insurance for UK drivers, so there’s a glimmer of hope that actually, there might be good news all round and Brexit brings some much-needed reductions in the cost of your car insurance policy.

Either way, you can be sure here at CCI that at least the can insurance prices our providers supply won’t be the stuff of nightmares. We can’t promise the same about Brexit.

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