Getting Old is Expensive, who knew?

The latest news here at CCI towers doesn’t come as a surprise to us, but it may do to you. 

This weekend, we were at home relaxing, enjoying our Sunday, reading the broadsheets (that’s the big newspapers, kids) while we waited for Mrs CCI to finish cooking Sunday lunch, when an article caught our eye. 

Young People Paying Less for Car Insurance

Like the flowing of the tides after a heavy storm, car insurance prices are on the move again. Young people (that’s those between 17-29, for us old gits who’ve forgotten what it’s like to be young) are now paying less for their car insurance than ever before. Meanwhile, us oldies appear to be footing the bill for that youthful exuberance, having seen our policies increase by up to six per cent.

No more are our years of experience, our sage and considered approach to driving and sensible choice of driving shoe the well-rewarded things they once were. “Youth is wasted on the the young’, we sigh, wondering what latest fad the kids are going to spend the extra cash that they’ve just saved on. “When we were young, car insurance was so expensive, all we could afford to drive was an old fruit crate with wheels,” we moan to ourselves, with a nostalgic tear in our eye.    

Oldies Paying More for Car Insurance

In fact, it’s the over 40-49 year olds and the over 65’s who are worst hit by car insurance increases, seeing rises of up to 6% in the last 12 months. (Mind you, if you’ve seen my father on the road, it’s possibly not a surprise). 

Meanwhile, 17-19 year olds have seen their policies go down by as much as 4%. 

What this tells us warms our hearts and gives us a glow, and a little spring in our step, despite the autumnal weather. What it means is simple. 

It’s never been more important to check the market for the best car insurance deals. 

Who knew? (Well, we did, obviously). 

Three minutes of your life filling out our form can save that extra 6% you’ve been quoted, or save even more than the 4% you’re expecting. If you’re about to renew your policy, we have the best deals and, even better, if you fill out our form, those deals come to you. It’s the perfect solution if you’re a lazy millennial who wants everything done for you, or even if you’re breaking the stereotype and are fully capable of adulting with the rest of us. 

Our simple to fill in form is equally awesome for the oldies, who find technology a challenge and think an ‘app’ is youth speak for ‘apple’…

Come young, come old – we’ve got you covered at CCI

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