Did Honcho Get Their Poncho?

It seems like many moons ago when we wrote about car insurance App “Honcho” and their bid to take over the car insurance industry.

Many people thought Honcho failed, just like so many car insurance Apps. But, it seems they are still around. Still trying to take the car insurance industry by storm.

The Kings Of The Mountain!

Right now, as we speak, it is car insurance comparison websites that rule the roost. Make no mistake about that.

Even though you might hate some of them (meerkats, singing guy, confusion etc), they are still Lords of the manor.

And then of course you have the car insurance comparison website of the people. The Nations Favourite. The home of cheap quotes. The only link you need to compare car insurance in 3 minutes or less. Cheap Car Insurance (us).

So Why Have Honcho Still Not Found Their Poncho?

One reason is something called “commitment and consistency.” Millions of motorists have already made a commitment to comparison websites and comparing car insurance, year after year, like clockwork.

They have committed to Cheap Car Insurance. They have seen the amazing prices. And now they want to be consistent with their decision. They want to continue with getting cheap prices.


Another reason is simplicity. What could be more simple than this 3 minute form? Many people out there don’t want the hassle of downloading Apps and trying to wrap their head around the “reverse auction” style of Honcho and other similar Apps.

Instead, they want to keep it simple. They want to compare car insurance quick. All with a few basic details and the click of a button. It can be done from their desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. No need for any Apps that always want to update and then stop working when you need them the most.

Be Warned Though…

Here at Cheap Car Insurance our website does go down sometimes. Why? Because we get so much traffic. That is why.

Thousands of car owners visit us every day and during peak hours they are all desperately trying to get through to our 3 minute form and access the inner circle of Cheap Car Insurance.

Now you might be thinking the design of our website might not be as pretty as other comparison websites…and it might not have the sleek look of car insurance Apps such as Honcho.

We keep it that way for a reason…because it allows us to focus on cheap car insurance and THAT IS IT.

Ugly Duckling?

Some say our 3 minute form is downright ugly. And we don’t care. Because we consistently get our customers car insurance prices which are way cheaper than anyone else.

So will Honcho ever get their poncho? Who knows…but what I do know is that CCI is the place to be, right now in 2019.

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