75% of Drivers Don’t Know This About Expensive Car Insurance

If your car insurance is getting beyond a joke and just too expensive, then do you know why that is? I will tell one reason why…

That reason is something called…

Your Credit Score!

When asked in a recent survey, 75% of British drivers didn’t realise their credit score was linked to their car insurance premium.

NEWS FLASH: It is! Linked to your premium, that is.

Instead, our nations motorists thought that the no claims bonus was the main reason why their car insurance quote was so outrageous, while they also thought their age had something to so with it as well.

In other words, if you don’t have any no claims bonus and you are a young driver, then you can probably expect expensive car insurance…is that true?

Yes…but…that is only half the equation if you ask us. The other half of the equation is your credit score.

This is especially true if you pay for your car insurance in monthly instalments The reason? Because those car insurance companies will charge you interest, and if your credit score is poor then expect to get…

The Highest Interest Rate Known To Man Or Woman!

So if you are a man or a woman and you are reading this right now, then what steps can you take to lower your credit score and then, in turn, get cheaper car insurance.

Well, the first thing you should do is check your credit score and find out what it is.

Improve Your Credit Score

Once you know your credit score then make sure you are on the electoral role, and if you have any credit cards then always pay them back in full, and on time.

It also helps if you have a permanent residence instead of “sleeping on me mates couch.”

If you do sleep on your mates couch and have a poor credit score, then is cheaper car insurance out of your reach?

It might be, although there is one last thing you can try.

Give This A Try:

Click on this link and fill in a few basic details about yourself.

Then click the submit button and receive around 100 quotes.

This might work. We can’t guarantee it. Just give it a go.

Even if you have a poor credit score, have no fixed address, don’t have a job, and are even a convicted driver or are still convicted. You could even fill in the form from your jail cell. Everybody is welcome at Cheap Car Insurance.

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