BREAKING NEWS for All UK Motorists!

I was sat at the CCI news desk. With my suit and tie on and shuffling my papers, getting ready to give our loyal fans the latest car insurance news

“We are on, in 5, 4, 3, 2…” said the CCI TV Director.

Enter…The CCI Boss

Then, all of a sudden, the CCI Boss stormed into the CCI TV Studio.

“CUT!” he yelled.

“What are doing?” he asked while standing there looking at us all.

” I’m getting ready to go live with Facebook Live to the nation,” I said, straitening my tie.

“Er…you do realise we don’t have any followers on Facebook, right?” he replied, matter of factly.

There was a pause as me and the CCI TV Director looked at each other…


So back to the office I went. I took off my suit and tie and changed into my shorts and t-shirt, and got out the trusty laptop.

Here I was, trying to push CCI into the 2020 and beyond, but it seems all our loyal customers and enthusiasts want is the…well…old fashioned blog posts to give them the latest in car insurance news.

So here we are, you and me. I’m giving you the news and you are recieving the news…and what news it is!

In fact, I would classify this as…


The kind of news that should get your curiosity and make you pay attention.

Not only that, but it is NEWS which is in your self interest, it will give you a benefit.

Here is the news…

Right now…

In August 2019…

It is the cheapest time to buy cheap car insurance all year.

You could save around £60 compared to some other months.

And when combined with the power of our 3 minute form

You could save even more, a lot more.

Here is the thing…

You must ACT NOW

It is the 31st August as we speak. Which means there is only a few hours until September arrives..

If you leave it just another few days then September will be well and truly here, and August gone, and your chance to get the cheapest car insurance all year will be gone as well.

But don’t fear, because CCI is here, and we make it simple to get your car insurance quote,

Even if you are not due for renewal yet, you should get a quote, the best time is 21 days before anyway.

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