Are Admiral Wrong for Doing This?

The car insurance company Admiral have recently come under fire for making an extra 42 million out of motorists just like yourself.

According to critics, they have been milking drivers like a cow, month after month, squeezing every last drop of profit they can from your udder.

Moo Money

Apparently they make an extra £42 million pounds a year from a premium “tax” that is charged to drivers who pay in monthly instalments.

You get two options when it comes time to pay: You can pay the whole lot upfront or you can spread the cost over 12 months. But if you decide to spread the cost, then you are going to pay up to 40% more.

As you may be aware…Admiral are one of the companies in our inner circle of trust and we have done business with them for years. Over the years we have kicked out many car insurance companies from our inner circle…booted them right over the goal posts…but with Admiral it has been a different story.

Our Seal Of Approval

They have consistently honoured the CCI Code, year after year, and consistently given YOU some of the cheapest car insurance quotes after filling in our 3 minute form.

Don’t believe us? Then try it out for yourself right now by filling in the form. See for yourself, on your very own computer screen, tablet screen, or smartphone screen, just how cheap Admiral can be when combined with the power of CCI.

You can even feel the cheap car insurance quotes when you swipe the screen on your smartphone or tablet…and some customers with heightened senses say they can “smell the deals.”

Admiral – Right Or Wrong?

So are we about to boot Admiral out of the inner circle just because they are taking some flak? Not on your nelly!

Listen: It is common practice for car insurance companies to charge you extra for paying monthly instalments Why? Because they are essentially loaning you the money, and like any good lender they want to see interest on the money they give out.

Our advice is to always pay upfront for your car insurance if you can. Or another tip is to get a 0% credit card and then buy your car insurance with that, and then you pay off the credit card at 0%.

However, if you must pay in monthly instalments then make sure you fill in our 3 minute form first.

Cheaper Car Insurance Than Everyone Else

This way, you get the very cheapest car insurance deals, which means you pay a lot less than people who don’t use CCI.

So even if you do get taxed by Admiral, it still works out cheap because you tapped into the inner circle of Cheap Car Insurance. No secret handshake required.

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