Where to Get Cheap Car Insurance For Women?

Sheila’s Wheels may have long fallen off, but can you still find cheap car insurance for women? Keep reading to find the answer…

It was back in the noughties when cheap car insurance for women was in its heyday. Back then every woman in the country was singing…

“For Ladies Who Insure Their Cars, Sheila’s Wheels Are Superstars”

This was prime time for car insurance ads on the box. Who can forget the classic Michael Winner car insurance commercial, “Calm Down Dear…” – or good old Churchill the Dog, “Ohhh yes…”

But then…the good old days of car insurance commercials came to an end, and in their place, we got…

Those Pesky Meerkats With Their Cuddly Toys…

and that annoying singing weird moustache guy who annoyed everybody in the nation…and the Wolf guy who is looking a bit past his prime and made everyone yawn…

And Sheila’s Wheels was no longer on the TV, just like good old Michael Winner and Churchill The Dog. The good old days was gone. Never to return.

However, there was one website who refused to give in and go under. The website you are on now

Cheap Car Insurance!

We have long offered cheap car insurance for women. “Fill in our 3 minute form and save yourself a packet,” we say.

Someone may have stolen the hub caps from Sheila’s Wheels, but Cheap Car Insurance AKA CCI is still very much in the fast lane.

You see, we didn’t get involved with the TV advertising boom of the noughties. Instead we quietly went about our business. Watching the madness on the TV and shaking our heads.

“Who wants a free cuddly toy when you could save £300 on your car insurance,” said the boss of CCI.

Then it happened…

New regulation meant that women could no longer get cheaper car insurance than men. Everyone must be treated the same was the message.

However, don’t be fooled by these new regulations, because while everyone is now equal regardless of their gender, you must understand that women are technically safer drivers than men.

This means you can get…

Cheap Car Insurance For Women!

All you need to do is tell the truth and nothing but the truth on our 3 minute form and you will be well rewarded.

And if you don’t want to fill in our form because you don’t like CCI and are about to become a CCI hater?

“Calm down dear…its just a website!”

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