73,500 Drivers Are Making This Car Insurance ERROR

There is no hiding from the DVLA. They have new technology – “beep beep” – and if you are guilty they will find you and make you squeal.

Very Kwik

It was Kwik Fit (not to be confused with Kwik Save) who have just done a survey and found that 73,500 drivers in the UK are breaking the law.

How? They are keeping a vehicle, either off road or on the road, which doesn’t meet the insurance requirements set by the DVLA.

And the DVLA are angry. Make no mistake about it. They are really agitated and looking for vengeance.

The Fastest Scanner In The West

So they are grabbing their scanners and putting them in their holsters, and if you are committing the crime they are looking to make you pay.

Now, you might giggle at the thought of the DVLA roaming the streets like some kind of Charles Bronson type vigilante…but when they pull that scanner out of the holster it is going to be…


“They got the giggler, man,” your neighbour will say.

“The giggler is gone?”

“Yeah they took him to the cop station this morning.”

Will you be giggling when the DVLA instantly fine you £100 on the spot?

Or will you be have a giggle, when a judge in a court of law, says the words…”I sentence thee to a bigger fine!!”

If You Are Fine With A Fine, Then Fine

The survey from Kwik Save…I mean Kwik Fit, shows us that fines from the DVLA regarding insurance was around £12.4 million last year. Not small change by any stretch of the imagination.

Most of the fines were because motorists were stashing their cars off road and then not insuring them.

By law, you must either insure an off road vehicle or register it as being SORN (Statutory Off Road Notification).

A spokesperson for Kwik Fit had this to say – “Drivers who decide not to use their car and take it car off road temporarily, for whatever reason, must ensure that they register a SORN with the DVLA.”

And if you don’t register a SORN?

Then you must fill out our 3 minute form here at Cheap Car Insurance and make sure you have the appropriate insurance, otherwise it could be YOU who is the next person in court and facing a stern looking judge.

Off Road Car Insurance

Fortunately, insuring an off road car doesn’t need to be expensive. It can be down right cheap, especially when you get quotes from over 100 car insurance companies and brokers.

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