Sneaky Car Insurance Tricks They Play On You

Are you the next victim of the car insurance cartel? Will they pick your pocket and you won’t even be aware of it?

These are all valid questions in a day and age where car insurance is the most expensive ever!

Teachers Pet

Let’s put it this way: If you think being loyal to your current car insurance provider and putting an apple on their desk is going to put you in their good books…then think again…because these fat cats don’t care about you, at all.

They might have a smile ion their face and say please and thank you when you speak over the phone. But deep down they are planning the next car insurance trick which will lift another £100, £200, £300, and yes, even £400 out of your bank account.

They are sneaky. There is no doubt about that.

Back To Skeg

Take the story of a woman called June, who lives in Skegness. We visited Skegness only a few weeks ago if you remember in our tour of the nation and what a nice place it was.

Anyway, June got a great quote for her car insurance at only £405, which is pretty cheap compared to what most people are paying.

So she was happy with her car insurance and everything seemed great. She even used to sing a tune when she went to get in her car in the morning. And then she whistled while she worked, before singing another tune on the evening commute. All with a smile on her face.

DON’T Do This…

Then after 12 months it was time to renew her car insurance, and she said “I will just leave it to auto-renew.”

So you can imagine her shock when she looked at her bank account statement and the car insurance price had gone from £405 to £1,050!!

Yes you read that right. The price had jumped about £600. That cash just sailed out her bank account and into the fat cats mouth.

On The Mat, The Fat Cat

“Yum yum,” said the fat cat.

“But why?” said June.

“It’s because you moved house,” the fat cat answered, while sitting on his mat, full and tired, ready for a sleep.

“I only moved 5 minutes down the road,” replied June. “I didn’t move to Beirut!”

“I don’t care,” said the fat cat in a top hat, as he got down for 40 winks.

It was no use. The car insurance sneaky tricks had struck again and there was nothing June in Skegness could do about it.

How To Beat The Sneak

The only advice we can give to June is to NEVER auto renew, and instead, visit Cheap Car Insurance (the website you are on now) to compare quotes.

Do that about 21 days before your renewal date, and we guarantee you can keep your car insurance cheap.

Then you can start singing a happy tune once again, and whistle while you work…all thanks to CCI, The Nations Favourite and The Website Of The People.

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