FREE Car Insurance!

If you want free car insurance then you are in the right place, as car manufacturer Citroen are offering 1 year for no charge.

The catch? You have to buy their C1 Compact City car, and once you are the proud owner then you instantly get 12 months of car insurance without any charge.

Free Car Insurance For Young Drivers

Do you know what? This might not actually be a bad deal for younger drivers who are looking for their first car.

We know that young drivers often get ridiculous quotes for car insurance, and are often charged thousands of pounds just to insure an old banger.

If you ask us, investing in the Citroen C1 Compact City car might be a good deal. Definitely worth a look.

Free Car Insurance…WARNING!

Although we must warn you that having your car manufacturer and car insurance as one might not be a great idea. It might seem good on paper, but will they come through when you need them the most?

Also, let’s not forget that Citroen have no track record in the car insurance game. Do they even know what they are doing, or is it going to turn into a farce? Only time will tell I suppose.

Free Car Insurance VS Cheap Car Insurance

What I do know for sure is that Cheap Car Insurance has stood the test of time, and after all these years we are still going strong.

We are one of the original car insurance comparison sites and right now, as we speak, one of the only truly independent ones as far as we are aware.

In other words, we don’t have any of the car insurance companies pulling our strings. In fact, we have turned the tables on them and make them perform for us.

If they don’t perform then we chuck them out of our inner circle. Simple as that.

If Citroen car insurance want to be included in our inner circle then they will have to perform for us. They will have to prove themselves and show us they have what it takes to become…

A CCI Certified Cheap Car Insurance Provider

So we are putting the hoop out there for Citroen to jump through, and if we like what we see, then…

“Congratulations, you are in,” we say in a brief phone call before slamming the phone down.

But that is just the start of the process, and these car insurance companies better keep performing and keep giving us and you their cheapest car prices ever.

“Lower…lower…lower…LOWER…” – we keep demanding over the telephone, and if they don’t do as we say then…

“you are out,” – Phone is slammed down.

Cheap Car Insurance For You

Yes Cheap car insurance is a harsh world, but we do it for you. We want you to be in control and not these fat cat car insurance companies.

So take control right now with our 3 minute form.

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