3 Tricks To Get Cheap Car Insurance In 2019

It’s been an exhausting few weeks…with our tour of the nation and American invasion. We haven’t lost sight of our mission though.

Our mission = to help you get cheap car insurance, no matter who you are. It doesn’t matter if you are a man or a woman, drive a Ford or a Ferrari, or if you use a home computer or smartphone.

So let’s get back to brass tacks should we? And focus on our bread and butter pudding, which is to get YOU very cheap car insurance in 2019.

Below is 3 tricks you can use to make your car insurance dreams…a reality!

The Carrier Bag Full Of Cash Trick

When you get a car insurance quote there are typically 2 options. Pay up front or pay in monthly instalments Which would you choose? Most people choose the latter.

However, by paying in monthly instalments those “fat cat” car insurance companies will add up to 30% APR on to your price (sometimes even more). In other words, if your car insurance is £1000, then expect to pay a total of £1300 over 12 months.

Our advice? If you can afford it then pay your car insurance up front. Get all that cash into a carrier bag and then go down to the car insurance company HQ and show them you are the real deal.

The 21 Day Car Insurance Trick

When is the best time to buy car insurance? Unfortunately, most people don’t have a clue, which leads them to buy at the absolute WORST time.

The worst time is…right at the last minute. Just like when you was a kid and you left your homework right to the last minute. You are repeating the same mistakes. Going over the same habit.

Here is a new habit for you…get into the habit of buying car insurance around 21 days before your renewal. Experts have confirmed this is “prime time” for getting the best quotes, with some motorists even saving up to £500.

The CCI Trick

Finally, we have the grand daddy of all tricks. The grand finale. The main event you have all been waiting for.

It’s called the “CCI Trick” and is a sleight of hand, so subtle, that many people miss it when done at normal speed.

That is why we are going to spell it out for you in s-l-o-w m-o-t-i-o-n…so you can see exactly how the trick is performed and how you can save on car insurance in 2019.

What you need to do is click on this link.

Once you have done that – then fill in a few basic details about yourself and the car you want to insure.

Do you promise to be honest? Good! It should take no more than 3 minutes to get the job done.

Now, here is the crucial part of the trick…once you send us the details then we instantly invite our inner circle of car insurance companies and brokers to give us their best quote.

You Are In Control

Many times…you will get very cheap car insurance prices, right there on your screen. Why? Because the tables are turned and the car insurance companies are fighting each other for your business.

They don’t call us CCI (Cheap Car Insurance) for nothing. Give us a try, right now in 2019.

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