Car Insurance Nightmares USA

The mission: To bring Cheap Car Insurance to every car owner in the USA. The problem? How do we reach our target market…?

The Solution…


We are going to follow in the footsteps of British TV stars who have conquered America…or even better…hire them.

Step forward, Mr Gordon Ramsay, 3 star Michelin chef turned TV star with kitchen nightmares.

So in the first episode we could send Mr Ramsay to the most expensive place to insure a car in the USA – Detroit

Below is what could happen if it ever happens…

The Car Insurance Nightmare Begins…

Gordon turns up and meets the Johnson family, John and Mary, who have 2 cars and are paying way too much for car insurance.

Gordon inspects the 2 cars and kicks the tyres…”Michelin are they?”

“Let’s have a look under the hood shall we?” says Gordon.

Gordon looks under the hood…

In The Hood!

“Wow…it’s spotless, everything looks good to me… it doesn’t make sense,” a puzzled Gordon says out loud.

On to the next part of the program…

Gordon Ramsay wants to have a look in the house, and what he finds causes drama and outrage…You don’t want to miss this, stay tuned for more.


So Gordon starts looking around in the house and finds the car insurance documents and what he finds he can’t believe…


He shouts as he looks through the documents.

“Look at this…you are auto renewing your car insurance…” shouts Gordon, even louder.

“So what?” says John getting defensive

“Because its expensive you idiot!”

“It isn’t expensive”

“Sorry big boy…but for as long as I’ve got a hole between my BEEP cheeks, this is expensive.”

“I’m about to pop a cap in your BEEP.” said John getting angry.

“You couldn’t pop a cap in your own BEEP you moron!” replied Gordon.

All Out Drama Is In Full Swing…

until the wife steps in and talks some sense…

“Just listen to him John..he’s telling us the truth,” says Mary.

John storms off, will he be back to pop a cap in Gordon’s BEEP or will he see sense, stay tuned to this car insurance nightmare…USA.


Meanwhile Gordon wows everybody in the kitchen by popping a pop tart.

“the secret is slightly lower heat and an extra 30 seconds…

And then…


John comes back…he looks BEEPED off and ready for a fight…

but then…

a smile….he has seen the light and come to his senses.

“Come here big boy,” says Gordon.

They hug it out.

“I really was about to pop a cap in your BEEP,” said John.

“Here have a pop tart and shut the BEEP up.” replied Gordon.

In the final part of the show it is the transformation where Gordon gets everybody together in the morning for a fresh start.

“THIS…is your old car insurance quote…and THIS…is your new car insurance quote…have a look…”

“wow, amazing, the best ever, I can’t believe it,” John and Mary say.

Cheap Car Insurance To The Rescue

“This was made possible with this simple 3 minute form from a place called CCI,” Gordon says with authority.

And with that…Gordon’s work is done

He gives Mary a hug – “look after him”

And then gives John a hug and they hug it out for a couple of minutes. Kind of like 2 bears hugging.

“No more going back to expensive car insurance,” he says before leaving everybody.

Outside And Gordon Gives His Final Thought To The Camera:

“Wow this was a tough one. Not only were they paying outrageous car insurance prices but they were also auto renewing, and worst of all, they were in denial, especially John. But we turned it around, and with the magic of CCI they are now paying a lot cheaper car insurance prices. Will they keep it up? I hope so!”

Gordon walks off.

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