Curious About USA Car Insurance? We Are…

I’ve always wondered about car insurance in the USA. They do, after all, have 250 million drivers, which is quite a lot of people.

Do they pay more for car insurance than us British or do they pay less?? These are the questions we have here at Cheap Car Insurance, and I’m sure you might be curious as well? If you are then read on…

Remember This?

Before we start, regular readers will be aware that sometimes American car insurance companies demand front and side photos…something we will never do.

If you get an email from CCI asking for a full frontal…then you will know it is FAKE. we would never do that.

CCI Hops Across The Pond

Oh and another thing I really am curious about…does the USA have a CCI equivalent, so to speak. If not, then why not? And if not, then is the USA ready for a British invasion not seen since the swinging sixties?

Many have tried to invade America – Oasis tried and failed in the nineties, but CCI…we are made of different stock, and with our 3 minute form firmly in place, I’m sure they will welcome us as saviours from coast to coast.

Car Insurance In…America

Ok so back to the task in hand…what about the actual car insurance stats in America? To get a better idea of what is going down in ChinaTown, we have put our chief researcher on the case.

A man known only as “Curious George”

Every day Curious George sits in the CCI canteen alone. Nobody speaks to him and he doesn’t speak to nobody.

But the man knows his stuff and he can pull the most accurate stats up and put them on the bosses desk before the clock strikes midnight.

So while the rest of the CCI staff had gone home, there was a lone light on in the CCI HQ building. And if you was walking past you would have seen that lone light and the shadow of Curious George hard at work, getting the stats.

USA Car Insurance = Expensive!

Apparently, the average car insurance price in the USA is $1427, which is around £1120. Yowsers! They really do need a CCI to save the day.

Michigan is the most expensive place to insure a car in the USA, with an average price of $2610, which is around £2000. I’ve heard its because car theft is very common in Michigan, especially in Detroit where the average price is $5414.

North Carolina is the cheapest place to insure a car in the USA, with an average price of $865, which is around £680. I’ve heard its because they have safe drivers in North Carolina where everybody is polite and drive with their hands at 10 and 2 and obey the laws of the road.

Cheap Car Insurance Saves The Day??

With that being said…I really do think the USA need a CCI, but will we step up to the plate and knock out a home run or will we swing and miss, just like so many other British superstars? Stay tuned to find out.

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