Skegness To Inverness…The Magic Of CCI

The CCI fun bus rolled up near the beach on a hot and humid Spring/Summer day in 2019 on this “Tour Of The Nation” which has everybody talking.

All the CCI team set foot off the bus and quickly took in the sights and smells.

“I can see sandcastles and donkey’s,” said one member of staff.

“I can smell seaweed,” added another.

Where Are They? Guess…

As you might have guessed by now, this Tour Of The Nation had taken the CCI fun bus into Skegness!

In no time at all a crowd was following the CCI leader as he strolled up and down the beach and talked to holidaymakers and locals alike.

“It was just like Magic…when he did that 3 minute thing,” commented a sunbather on Skegness beach.

CCI Haters!

And then…A CCI Hater looking to spoil the party.

He threw a 99 cone, complete with ice cream and 2 flakes…directly at our leaders head.

Fortunately, the CCI leader has the reflexes of a Boxer in his prime, and quickly slipped the flying ice cream.

“Take Him DIRECTLY To Jail”

The CCI security team quickly pounced on the “protester” and dragged him away. He could be heard shouting something about “DIRECT” as he was being dragged off.

“Personally I prefer my ice cream in a dish,” said the CCI leader and everybody laughed.

“If this “Cheap Car Insurance Hater” had read the CCI Blog then he would have known we only like vanilla ice cream here at CCI.”

And with those words he was ushered back into CCI fun bus, with the sound of supporters cheering and a few more haters causing a commotion.

Back on the road and over the next few days this “Tour Of The Nation” saw the CCI Fun Bus land in places such as Shrewsbury, Portsmouth, Rotherham, Swansea, Crewe, and then…

Into the spiritual home of Cheap Car Insurance…


“The people of Scotland have long been paying the cheapest car insurance prices in the UK, and we intend to keep it that way,” said the leader.

Onwards to Glasgow, Dundee, Aberdeen, Lochness, Fife, and then, the final destination of This Tour Of The nation…


The leader took the the stage in front of a packed out Inverness city centre, and right there and then, it was almost as if he was standing on top of the nation.

“Tell those fat cat car insurance companies that Scotland’s sons and daughters are yours no more,” shouted the leader.

And everybody cheered.

“Would you be willing for one chance, just one chance…to tell those meerkats, that you can take our energy bills, credit cards, and travel insurance…


[He paused for effect]

You can never take…

Our Cheap Car Insurance!!”

There was a big roar among the Inverness crowd, followed by chants of “CCI – CCI- CCI -CCI”

And then…this Tour Of The Nation came to an end, and the CCI Fun Bus made its way back to HQ.

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