The Tale Of 2 Car Insurance Customers…In Coventry

Cheap Car Insurance recently kicked off our “Tour Of The Nation” tour in the Midlands City of Coventry. And guess what?

They welcomed us as saviours…did the good people of Coventry as we arrived in the city centre with our virtual CCI booth.

People Power

“The nations favourite,” many people shouted as they caught a glimpse of our famous logo.

“Can I buy a mug…or a cap, maybe?” said another Coventry resident.

But we were NOT there to sell CCI merchandise. Oh no. We had bigger fish to fry. Our mission was simple…

To sort out the car insurance chaos which is currently engulfing the fair city of Coventry in flames.

CCI To The Rescue

After taking to the streets and speaking directly with the people, we found out that Coventry is basically split right down the middle.

To give you an example, listen to this tale of 2 car insurance customers in Coventry:

First we have a Barry, a 25 year old factory worker who wants to insure his 2019 plate car with comprehensive car insurance and do 10,000 miles a year.

Then we have Harry, a 25 year old office worker who wants to insure the exact same car with comprehensive car insurance and drive the same amount of miles.

Guess what? Despite both living in Coventry and both driving the same car…the car insurance quotes are significantly different.

2 Different Quotes

The lowest quote for Barry, who lives in the Hillfields area of Coventry was £1,106 (WOW!).

On the other hand, the lowest quote for Harry, who lives in the Westwood Heath area of Coventry was £545 (are you sure he didn’t “cheat” by using CCI?)

The message here is simple. Coventry is a city divided by car insurance, and it is our job (CCI) to unite them again, as one.

West Midlands = Expensive

Not only that but the West Midlands in general is paying expensive prices for car insurance, with an average policy now over £1000 and not far behind London.

If you live in Coventry and are tired of paying expensive car insurance costs then we want to issue you a challenge..

It’s called the “CCI 3 Minute Challenge” where you enter some basic details and then send us the info instantly.

Then, our Cheap Car Insurance engine starts up and gets to work…and right there on the screen right before your eyes, almost like a magician waving a wand…you will see our cheapest car insurance quotes in Coventry appear.


It doesn’t matter if you are a Barry who is paying over £1000 or a Harry who is paying over £500. Everybody can save money on car insurance at CCI.

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