4 Out of 5 Agree, CCI, The Place To Be

We recently took to the streets of our nation and asked the public…is cci the place to be? Amazingly, 80% said yes.

That is right. 4 out of 5 people surveyed said Cheap Car Insurance  is the official Nations favourite.

Traffic Warning

Our website experts are expecting a huge traffic rush over the Summer as more people find out about CCI.

Many people are passing on the good news about Cheap Car Insurance. They share us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

If our servers go down then keep on trying. At peak times thousands of eager customers will be filling out the famous 3 minute form. You will eventually get through.

And when you do get through? Be quick. Your slot might be taken if you don’t fill in your details quick. And then someone else gets your slot if the clock runs out.

Your 3 minutes…start…NOW.

The Website Of The People

We are very proud. Never thought we would strike a chord, but we have obviously tapped into what you are feeling and matched your vibe. We are for you. We are with you.

While the car insurance companies and other comparison sites sit in their ivory towers, we tell it like it is, with no sugar coating.

“I Hate CCI”

Not everybody loves us though. We do have car insurance haters. 1 out of 5 people don’t like us.

That is 20% of the nation who give Cheap Car Insurance the thumbs down.

Why? I suppose they just don’t get it.

Maybe some people like to chat with a meerkat and high five all night long, or say “fantastic” until the cows come home or go “Direct” with lot’s of cream and lot’s of sugar.

No Milk And No Sugar

As I entered the CCI canteen this morning to get my coffee, one of the younger CCI staff asked me…”Why don’t we just sell car insurance and get rid of the car insurance companies altogether?”

My answer? “Because comparing car insurance is what we do best. Getting cheap car insurance prices for every UK car owner is our mission. If we start messing around with claims and that type of thing, then, we dilute our focus and would quickly become a shadow of our former selves.”

Best And Worst Car Insurance Companies

This reminds me of a “Which” report which recently landed on my desk. It talked about the best and worst car insurance companies for dealing with car insurance claims.

NFU Mutual topped the charts as the best, with RSA coming in at second and LV at third.

And the worst? That award was given to the AA car insurance, with Axa and Hastings Direct coming in a close second and third.

No Claims…Just Comparison

Here at Cheap Car Insurance we just want to be ranked the best comparison site, and we can only keep that title by focusing 100% on getting you the best quotes from the most trusted companies.

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