Electric Car Insurance Is The Flavour Of The Month

What kind of ice cream flavour does the CCI staff prefer? After asking everybody at HQ their opinion, we can announce the winner is…

Vanilla Flavour Ice Cream (With Salted Caramel pieces)

It might not sound that interesting, but vanilla ice cream is a tried and trusted staple of the British Diet (just like our tried and tested 3 minute form)…so it comes as no surprise when everybody at CCI HQ agree that vanilla is the way to go.

Lime And Avocado Ice Cream?

How about those weird combinations of ice cream you have to try at least once? They are probably disgusting, but you are curious enough to take a scoop.

Some might even call it “flavour of the month.”

Just like in the car insurance world where Electric Car Insurance is currently flavour of the month.

It is the Lime and Avocado ice cream of the car insurance industry right now, while CCI is the vanilla ice cream of the car insurance industry, if you see what we mean.

Only Electric Cars Allowed

This comes on the back of news that LV have just launched the first exclusive car insurance policy for electric cars. Before now you couldn’t get car insurance for electric cars in one policy, but now, you can with LV.

No doubt many other car insurance companies will soon follow suit, and here at CCI we will also throw our hat into the electric car comparison ring when it becomes the norm.

Right now though, electric cars are still flavour of the month, so to speak. They have a few years before they will become as trusted as vanilla ice cream.

Are You Juicing?

Research has just shown us that nearly 10 million motorists are planning to buy an electric car in the next 5 years. That is about 27% of drivers.

The biggest problem these motorists will face is running out of juice, just like with their smartphone.

If they have an “i-Car” that breaks down on the hard shoulder of the motorway then someone will have to tow them to the nearest charging point. A good electric car insurance policy will cover that kind of thing, as well as cover for home charging cables, wall boxes and adaptors and replacement electric cars when something goes wrong.

This might all sound like mumbo jumbo to you right now.

“Just give me the 3 minute CCI form,” you say.

Don’t fear…we are still here

But in a few years time everybody will need to embrace electric cars (and flying cars).

Don’t worry…CCI won’t be going anywhere in a hurry

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