AT LAST! Car Insurance Prices Are Down!!

It seems like all the car insurance news was doom and gloom. Expensive, expensive and…expensive. Those were the headlines.

Until now, where, on a cool but sunny morning, the newspapers landed on my desk here at CCI HQ. And guess what the main headline staring back at me was?

Car Insurance In The UK Has Dropped!!!

“Oh-My-God,” is the only words that passed through my lips. Everybody else at CCI HQ had the same reaction when I showed them the headlines.

Then I placed a call to “Mr X” (our car insurance industry insider) and confirmed the headlines.

“Is it really true?” I asked.

“Affirmative,” he replied, before hanging up.

So here we are right now, in April 2019, and I’m sharing the good news with you our loyal and enthusiastic readers.

100 Squid? Yep…

Official statistics show us car insurance costs have dropped a whopping £100 between December 2018 and February 2019.

Even better, early reports are suggesting this trend has continued through March and into April, and analysts are predicting the same for May and June.

£100 is a nice chunk of change…I’m sure you will agree with me? But guess what…There’s more…

If you combine the recent car insurance price plummet with the power of CCI (the website you are on now), then you can potentially save even more money.

Cheap Car Insurance, Almost Guaranteed

Now we can’t promise you will save money. Nobody can promise you that. However, smart car owners around the country don’t call us “The Nations Favourite” for no reason.

We have got the reputation of being cheap. Which is a good thing, for you…the frustrated British car owner who just wants to save money on their car insurance.

We are as cheap as chips, you can bet on that. In fact, we are willing to put our money where our mouth is and, with your permission, allow you to put us to the test.

Just Like Your GCSE’s

Allow us to present our very own 3 minute car insurance test. Although with this test you know all the answers and are guaranteed to pass with flying colours.

Just enter the registration of your car to get started and then give us a few basic details. That is it.

Then with the click of a button you will have gained access to our insider group of Cheap Car Insurance Enthusiasts, where you can take advantage of rock bottom prices from our tried and trusted car insurance partners.

Make no mistake about it: These are NOT fly by night car insurance companies. Here today and gone tomorrow.

No chance.

We only partner with well known household brands who you have heard of, so you can feel 100% confident about choosing a very cheap car insurance quote.

“No Cream And No Sugar”

Forget about going “Direct” – instead go DIRECTLY to our famous 3 minute form and see how much more you could save.

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