Self Driving Cars On The Road By 2030?

We’ve seen bits and bobs from self driving giants such as Tesla, Google, Apple, and Samsung, but when will these cars actually arrive?

According to the European Union Commissioner for Transport it will be the year 2030 when seeing fully automated cars on our roads is a thing of reality.

The Future Of Driving

So that is 11 years from now when self driving cars rule the road…but until that time we are going to have to keep on patently waiting it seems.

Maybe the UK will be faster to market though? It was the EU who have predicted the year 2030 after all, and as you are no doubt aware the UK are right on the verge of separating from our EU cousins.

Maybe once we are away scott free from those European bureaucrats then we can finally take the fast lane to self driving greatness?

You MUST Own A British Car!?

Even if it means driving a British car such as a Vauxhall or a Land Rover…the British public could very well be fully automated before the rest of the world.

We could even join forces with American company Ford to bring a self driving car to the market before anyone else.

If you remember, it is the British public who are waiting with baited breath for a self driving Ford car. Perhaps the UK and Ford can make it happen.

Or perhaps once out of the EU then the UK will go old school? Back to the days of 3 wheeled Reliant Robin or even importing some of those Ladas from the Old Soviet Union? Maybe that is the way forward for our nation once we leave this European madness?

A Shocking Announcment…

The one thing I can tell you for sure is that CCI has already left the EU. Yes you read that right.

We have become fed up waiting for our crooked politicians to take action, so we have decided to take action ourselves.

CCI has officially left the EU with no deal, which means we no longer accept customers from countries such as Slovenia, Malta and Switzerland.

If you are a Brit living abroad in the EU in countries such as Spain, Germany, or France then you may have to show your passport when filling in our 3 minute form. We need to check.

Cheap Car Insurance In Gibraltar

If you are in a country such as Gibraltar then no need to show your passport. Cheap Car Insurance is for you.

So here at CCI we are now 100% independent and you won’t ever hear anything about lawn mower insurance or dodgem insurance ever again.

CCI = The Future Of Car Insurance

And in the year 2030? We will still be here, no matter if you are driving a fully automated Ford car or a Reliant Robin.

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