The Most Accident Prone Drivers In UK…HERE

Just when you thought it was safe to get behind the wheel and take to the open road…you come across this blog post.

I’m sure you would like to think it’s all idyllic out there on our nations roads, but it isn’t, and here at CCI we are all about dropping the truth bombs.

The Toblerone Of Truth

“Cold, hard, reality,” is our motto. We must tell the truth.


And the award for most accident prone drivers in the UK goes to…


I’m sure many of you loyal CCI customers from Watford are law abiding citizens and you drive with your hands at 10 and 2. But, that won’t stop us from telling the truth I’m afraid, and the truth here is simple…

Driving on the roads in Watford is downright dangerous!!!!

According to statistics there is 22.26% of drivers in Watford who have exchanged insurance details at least once. That says it all really doesn’t it.

If you live in Watford and drive on the roads, then you need comprehensive car insurance. And you need it cheap, very cheap. So fill out our 3 minute form and get the cheapest car insurance in the UK.


Coming in at the 2nd most accident prone drivers in the UK is…

St Albans!!

If you drive on the roads of St Albans on a regular basis then I’m sure you are well aware of the destruction, carnage, and downright madness which is happening right now, as we speak.

My advice to St Albans drivers? Arm yourself with the best and cheapest car insurance in the UK, by filling our our 3 minute form.


The third city of most accident prone drivers goes to…


Ah yes. Sunny Slough. A place where many people use CCI on a regular basis. We have many fans in Slough.

Although Slough is also a hotspot of accidents and road rage. Just calm down a bit, is what we say.

And fill out our 3 minute form to get cheap car insurance.

Safety Prone?

Is everybody in the UK accident prone? Not at all, although you have to go North of the border to find the safest drivers in the UK.

To Scotland we shall go and then to visit The Outer Hebrides where only 9.21% have experienced a car accident since 2014.

Then onwards towards Lerwick on the Shetland Islands where 9.8% have been in a fender bender, and Kirkwall on Orkney where 11.5% have been in some bother.

Make no mistake about it…Scotland is the safest place to drive in the UK and it is also the cheapest place to insure a car in the UK.

Some people even drive to Dundee in their bare feet to get cheap car insurance…but you don’t have to do that.

You can find cheap car insurance if you visit CCI and spend 3 minutes giving us your details.

Then you get

Very Cheap Car Insurance In Scotland…

Wales…Northern Ireland…and even England.

“Cheap Car Insurance for everybody in our nation,” said a spokesperson for CCI.

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