“Take Me To…NO Car Insurance”

“Turn right, turn right, turn right, turn right,” said the Sat Nav as you go round and round in a circle in a corn field in the middle of nowhere.

Despite being somewhat temperamental, the Sat Nav has become a national treasure (just like CCI)…but could the Sat Nav be a threat to your car insurance?

Sat Nav Chav

It as just come to our attention that some car insurers might see a Sat Nav as a modification, just like if you have window tinting or alloy wheels. And if you don’t tell them about this modification? Then you can expect them to rip up your car insurance policy and give you the boot.

“Don’t call us, we will call you,” they say.

Make no mistake about it, your innocent Sat Nav could take you directly to the land of NO car insurance, and then where will you be, eh? I will tell you where…you will be right back to square one.

Our advice? Always give your car insurer a ring and let them know about any modifications to your car…whether it be a dashcam, some window tinting, a new engine, new wheels, or a Sat Nav.

It’s funny because if you think about it…using CCI is just like using a Sat Nav in your car.

Compare Car Insurance In 5 Steps

Firstly you start up our powerful comparison engine which can be found here. Thousands of UK motorists use it on a daily basis.

Secondly you make note of your starting point, which for most people is “paying too much for car insurance.”

Next you simply put in your destination. Where do you want to go?

For most people reading this, it is simple…

DESTINATION: Cheap Car Insurance!

Then you fill in a few basic details, nothing complicated mate.

Then you SUMBIT your information and wait a few seconds, and within a few seconds you have cheap car insurance prices from our trusted partners.

CCI will give you clear directions, just like a moment of clarity on a bright spring morning while looking out towards an azure sky and deep blue sea.

Oh, Those Meerkats Again!

Fortunately, we won’t have you chasing your own tail like them pesky Sat Navs, and from what we have been hearing those pesky meerkats have been up to no good as well.

Recently their “Auto Meerkat” thing has been getting a lot of attention, but many people have tried using it and found it to be just like a “bad Sat Nav.”

“High five, high five, high five, high five,” that Sergei Fellow says over and over again, like a broken record. It really isn’t as simplez as you have been led to believe.

On the other hand here at CCI we believe in keeping things very simple.

“Throw your Auto Meerkat in the bin, CCI is the real thing!” we say.

CCI…The Place To Be

We give you plain and simple directions to saving hundreds on your car insurance.

There are no tight bends, sharp lefts, or handbrake turns…it is a straight line to the cheapest car insurance in the country.

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