Average Price Of First Car = £4300

The days of spending a couple of hundred quid on your first car are out. Say hello to the era of expensive cars for teenagers.

Back in the day teenagers used to spend £200 on an old banger and they were lucky if it made it to the end of the street. These days, concerned parents spend an average of £4300 to buy plush cars for their sons and daughters, which have all of the modern safety features.

North West, The Land Of Carrier Bags

Where do parents spend the most on first time cars? In the North West to be exact, to buy cars for their teenage kids that have the latest safety features, high tech extras, and a maker warranty…sometimes spending up to £5274.

It isn’t uncommon for them to roll up to the car showroom with a carrier bag full of cash.

“I want a first time car…I have five grand in cash,” they say, before dropping the cash on the floor to show they mean business.

In the South West they do the same kind of thing, although instead of dropping five grand on the car show room floor, they drop an average of three grand.

“Let’s go,” say the South West residents as they empty their carrier bags of cash onto the floor.

Forget About Something Did You?

Spending all of this money on first time cars for teenagers is all well and good, but are we not forgetting something here? Ah yes…car insurance.

Car insurance for young drivers is the most expensive car insurance around. Regular readers of the CCI blog will be well aware of that.

If parents are shelling out five grand for a car, and a few grand for car insurance, then how are they affording all of this?

Many of them pay the full whack price and just grin and bear it.

“I guess we will have to cancel our holiday this year,” they say.

The Car Insurance Secret…SSSHHHH

Others though…the smart ones…they head over to this secret link where they find very cheap car insurance for teenagers.

They might be stuck paying high prices for first time cars, but they can save hundreds, and even thousands of pounds on car insurance for first time drivers.

Are you scared to click on this secret link and are not sure where it will take you?

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