Baggy Pants and Car Insurance Blog Posts

It was the early nineties when MC Hammer burst onto the music scene and blew everyone away with the hit “You can’t touch this.”

He was flash, fly and unique, with his baggy pants and swagger. Many people loved him and just as many people hated him. But he didn’t care, as in his own words “you can’t touch this.”

Enter Cheap Car Insurance

It was in the noughties when Cheap Car Insurance burst onto the car insurance scene and blew everyone away with our 3 minute form.

We shook the industry right to the core, and with our flash, fly and unique blog posts we shook them even more. We had the swagger and we knew it, and many UK motorists loved us for it, while many also hated it. But we didn’t care, because in the words of MC Hammer…”You can’t touch this.”

Many other sites even tried to swagger jack us. But there is only one original.

Stop! Hammer Time…

Back to MC Hammer and it wasn’t all plain sailing for the rap superstar. Sure, he had hits and he made lot’s of cash, but eventually he hit on hard times. The critics came out in full force and the music industry all but disowned him.

His response? He wrote the legendary song “2 Legit 2 Quit,” an epic musical opus which had music fans queuing up to buy baggy pants once again.

“Feel My Power”

You can really feel listening to that song that MC really was “too legit too quit.” He sang those words and he meant it.

Here at Cheap Car Insurance and it wasn’t plain sailing for us either. Sure, we saved money on car insurance for thousands of our customers, but the critics were always there and the car insurance industry just wished we would go away.

It was tough times, but just like MC Hammer we are “2 Legit 2 Quit.” It doesn’t matter what those fat cat car insurance directors do, or what those meerkats say, or what the weird musctache guy sings, or what all those critics write in their newspapers…we really are…

Too Legit To Quit!

We will never sell out, we are too legit. Remember that.

And back to MC Hammer once again who became so loved by his loyal fans that he became known simply as “Hammer.”

He didn’t even need the “MC” anymore. All you had to say was “Hammer” and everyone knew who you were talking about.

The Birth Of CCI

The same thing happened to us here at Cheap Car Insurance. Pretty soon we became The Nations Favourite  and The Website Of The People…so loved by our loyal fans that we became known simply as “CCI.”

So there is our story of Baggy Pants and Car Insurance Blog Posts. We thank “Hammer” for the inspiration and we we thank the thousands of loyal customers who save money with us year after year.

You can join them here.

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