Do You Drive Less Than 7000 Miles A Year?

If your car sits in the garage more than it gets out on the road…then you may be able to get cheaper car insurance. How? Read on…

Research suggests there are 19 million drivers out there who are considered “low mileage.” They might go to Tesco on a Thursday morning and they may go for a picnic in the countryside on a Sunday afternoon…but for the other 5 days their car gets a rest.

A New Kind Of Car Insurance

Enter Pay Per Mile car insurance, a new type of car insurance that allows drivers to only pay for the miles they drive.

The most famous Pay Per Mile company is By Miles, who have been serving the low mileage drivers of the UK, and up until now it seems like they had cornered that part of the market.

But now, in a plot twist that has left many shocked, many low mileage motorists are starting to wonder if By Miles are really the right solution for them.

Car Insurance War!

Some pundits have even declared “The War Is On” – By Miles VS CCI, who should you go with for low mileage car insurance?

If you drive less than 7000 miles a year then you might be tempted to go straight to By Miles and get their pay per mile car insurance.

They will give you a unique per mile rate, and then you only pay when you hit the open road. They track your every move, and know exactly when you are at the local Tesco or when you are sitting at home without a care in the world.

Many experts have suggested this type of thing is the beginning of some kind of “1984 nightmare” with Big Brother watching your every move. But not us.

Friendly Fire

In fact, here at CCI we applaud the pay per mile revolution and congratulate By Miles on their success. We even hear they have just raised another £5 million in funding. “Well done, we say.

Despite our cordial relationship that doesn’t mean we recommend you go with By Miles for pay per mile car insurance. In fact, if you drive less than 7000 miles a year then you might find a cheaper quote right here at our 3 minute form.

Cheap Pay Per Mile Car Insurance

Pundits have described us as the “traditional way” to get cheap car insurance. There are no Apps and no fancy trackers and no-one is watching over your shoulder while you park up down a country lane.

Are we cheaper than By Miles? We wouldn’t like to say. We are not one to toot our own horn and we don’t like to go to war with other car insurance sites.

But that hasn’t stopped the pundits describing the By Miles VS CCI War as the most interesting thing in the car insurance industry right now.

Compare CCI And By Miles

Our response? Find out for yourself which is the cheaper option. Fill out our 3 minute form and then get cheap car insurance quotes from over 100 companies and brokers. And then visit By Miles, and see what they have to offer.

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