The £262.41 Car Insurance Trap (And How to Avoid It)

Your car insurance company is sneaking up behind you, and then right when you don’t expect it…SUCKER PUNCH!

You don’t even see it coming and it happens every year. They just keep on getting away with it year after year.

Some experts are calling it the “car insurance trap” and millions of motorists are stuck and can’t get out.

Bloomin Expensive

Even worse, this car insurance trap is costing you approximately £262.41. It comes directly out of your wallet or purse, and many of you don’t even realise it.

This car insurance trap goes by the name of “Auto Renewal,” where the car insurance companies take the money straight out of your bank account.

They say it is for your “convenience” or to thank you for your “loyalty,” but in reality it is their sneaky way of sneaking up on you and then sneaking some extra cash out of your account.

Just like pickpockets, they are quick and nifty, and once they have your moohlah they are quick to escape.


So how can you “beat the sneak” and stop this daylight robbery from occurring? How can you get out of the car insurance trap and avoid being mugged off?

The only legitimate way to is to use CCI. Right here you can compare car insurance prices from around 100 companies and brokers, and then it is easy to find the cheapest deal so you can save money.

Best Time To Compare

Our data shows that 21 days before your renewal time is the best time to start comparing. You could potentially save hundreds of pounds.

Wouldn’t you like to get one over on these car insurance companies for a change, rather than getting sucker punched every year? Well, now you can, and its all thanks to our simple yet effective 3 minute form.


At this point you might be thinking…”why don’t I just go and use them meerkats to compare…I can go and use the Auto Meerkat thing and then get a high five at the end of it.”

Our response? You should avoid those pesky meerkats and stick with us…CCI…the website of the people.

Those meerkats have been trying to reel people in with their gimmicks for years now. First it was cuddly toys and then it was cinema tickets and then it was meal deals. Now they are trying to give you virtual high fives. Our advice? Stay away.

You can keep those high car insurance prices at bay with us, CCI, AKA, Cheap Car Insurance.

High Five!

And for everyone who decides to use the meerkats instead of CCI, we say…

“give me five…on the side…down below…Your too slow.”

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