Keyless Car? Watch Me Swipe It In 6 Seconds

“Hi, My name is Chris the Car Thief and I am writing to let you know about how easy it is for me to get in your car. 6 seconds is all it takes…”

If a car thief was to write you a note then those are the exact words they would write. It really is ridiculously easy for car crooks to be in and out of your car like a flash of lightning. You won’t even see them.

Meanwhile, Back At CCI…

At Cheap Car Insurance HQ we are shocked by the recent statistics, that shows how quick and easy criminals can break into your keyless car.

For example, a Ford Focus takes only 6 seconds. “Beep Beep” and they are in and out.

Think this is just an isolated incident?Then think again.

Those hoodlums can get into a Skoda Kodiaq in only 10 seconds and a Nissan Qashquai in 10 seconds as well. “Flash Flash” and they are there and then gone. Into the night and never to be seen again.

Do You Own These Keyless Cars?

If you own a Jaguar F Type R, a Mazda 2 Sport, A Hyundai Tuscon, or a Volvo S90 then you are also at risk. In fact, almost all keyless cars are like sitting ducks, just waiting for an organised criminal to come along and get the loot.

They don’t use a crow bar and it isn’t about to be “Hammer Time.” All they need is to push a button and they have instant access to your pride and joy.

Wax On, Wax Off

You might have spent all Sunday morning washing and waxing your car, only for a unshaven layabout to put his dirty mitts on your bodywork, and then “Click Click” and he is in the honey pot.

How do these criminals find breaking into your keyless car so easy? It’s actually very simple, and clever, but very effective when done right.

What they do is replicate the signal from the key fob of your car. They can pick this up from hidden waves in the air.

Keyless Criminals

Then, working in pairs, they intercept this signal and channel it through their own hacked device. One crook trys the door, while another clicks a button, and in seconds you are a victim.

The car manufactures have hit back, saying they are soon going to introduce technology that will stop these keyless hackers, but I don’t think it will do much.

These thieves always find a loophole in the system, and once new technology is introduced then they simply find a new hack to find their way in.

The truth of the matter is having your car broken into or stolen is always a threat, no matter what car you have.

This is why we recommend always getting comprehensive car insurance. Get as much coverage as you can.

Solution = CCI

Fortunately you don’t have to find any loophole to get cheap car insurance. You don’t need any apps or you don’t need a meerkat chatbot who wants to “high five.”

All you need is the traditional way to get cheap car insurance. The tried and trusted way. Right here at our famous 3 minute form. Give it a try and fight back against those thieves.

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