You Pay £1,078 For Car Insurance In This City

They may have built this city on rock N roll, but these days you have to pay through the nose to insure your car…in this city.

Guess which city we are talking about? It is the city of Manchester of course, that place famous for Oasis, Manchester United and Coronation Street.

Over £1000, Our Kid

Gone are the days of cheap car insurance in Manchester. A new report shows us that average car insurance prices in the city are £1,078, which means it has now joined the “Premier League” of most expensive places to insure your car.

Cities such as London and Birmingham are already at the top of that league, but Manchester are not far behind now, and in no time at all they could become champions.

“I don’t use a car now because of how expensive the insurance is,” said one former driver in Manchester who is fed up with the outrageous prices.

Car Out…Bicycle In

No doubt they catch the bus or ride their bicycle, although for many people in Manchester this isn’t practical.

So what can you do? The best way to fight back and turn those car insurance prices back to 2009 is by using the 3 minute form here at CCI.

It doesn’t matter if you are a red or a blue…if you like Oasis or Blur…CCI is for everyone.

Simply pop in a few simple and easy details about yourself on the form, and then cheap car insurance in Manchester is yours for the taking.

From Losers To Winners

It is even thought that Ole Gunnar Solskjaer visited CCI as soon as he arrived back in Manchester. In 3 minutes he found an amazing quote…and in the blink of an eye the fortune of an entire club turned around.

7 games later and a top 4 finish is now possible…while in the dressing room all the talk is of Cheap Car insurance.

“It is the Champions League of Car Insurance,” said one player.

“When I got 100 quotes it felt better than winning the World Cup,” added another.

Always Compare Car insurance

So Manchester residents…if you are reading this then make sure you shop around for car insurance at renewal time.

Avoid those other comparison websites, and come straight here…to Cheap Car Insurance (The Website of The People).

Then use your smartphone, tablet or computer to get cheap car insurance quotes at any time of the day (even at 2am).

3 Minutes for Around 100 Quotes

So what are you waiting for? Go here right away and spend 3 minutes of your time to save on car insurance.

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