90 Year Old Charged £2000 for Car Insurance

With recent headlines about a certain elderly Royal, the topic of OAP’s and driving is now hot. Should they be allowed to drive?

In our opinion here at CCI, we think that people should have to pass a driving assessment every 5 years from the age of 70.

Model Driver

Take Peter Newton for example, a 90 year old driver who regularly drives all around the country. He goes from coast to coast and motorway to country lane. From Scotland to Sussex, he is a safe driver with a perfect 10 year no claims record.

In fact, he’s so confident in his driving ability that he even turned himself in and took a voluntary driving assessment which was organised by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, also known as ROSPA.

Despite being a model driver who keeps his hands at 10 and 2 and always obeys the 2 second rule (4 seconds in the wet), he has just been hit with an outrageous blow to his car insurance premium.

This time last year he was paying £717 for car insurance. Not bad, although if he used Cheap Car Insurance I reckon he would get cheaper.


However, in December his car insurance sky rocketed to a whopping…£2000!!

His car insurance company was Saga and after contacting them they gave no explanation at all for the barmy expensive quote they were now giving to Peter.

Do you know what Peter should do? He should tell Saga to shove their car insurance where the sun doesn’t shine and then come directly to CCI where the sun does shine.

If you look at the top of the page you will see the sun shining and the birds singing…and our famous CCI Logo which can be found on merchandise in our souvenir shop.

How To Compare Car Insurance

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Even if you are 90 years old…Cheap Car Insurance is for you.

And we guarantee that Saga are going to get booted out of our trusted inner circle if they start that kind of nonsense on our watch.

Very Cheap Only

If a car insurance company wants to be part of the circle of trust we have…then they must come armed with their lowest prices.

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