NATIONAL SCANDAL: Drink and Drive Towns revealed…

It only seemed like yesterday that we gave you the most expensive and cheapest places to insure your car.

But now, in 2019, there is something more shocking. A NATIONAL SCANDAL which knows no boundaries. North, West, South, and East…all around this country of ours there are drink drivers on the loose. Drunk behind the wheel.

Our Advice…DON’T!

Of course, here at CCI we DO NOT condone drink driving of any sort. We frown upon it and we say you shouldn’t even have a shandy before you get behind the wheel.

“Stick to iced water,” is our advice.

We are not perfect, remember. Once upon a time we were almost caught red handed in the McDonalds drive thru. Not drinking. But paying…with mobile phone in hand. And now we have learned our lesson. Never again.

Worst Places For Drinking and Driving

Back to this National Scandal and it has just been revealed which are the worst towns and cities for drink driving.

Want to take a guess which place came out on top as being the worst? NO, It isn’t London and in fact, our nations capital was actually applauded for being one of the better behaved cities.

The worst offender was Hereford…followed closely by Crewe, Sunderland, and Blackpool.

If you remember, some people have called us the “Blackpool of the car insurance industry,” but not because we recommend getting sloshed and starting up your engine.

Most people see us as being a national treasure, just like Blackpool…and we are also a place where just about everyone should visit at least once a year, just like Blackpool…and we also sell souvenirs in our souvenir shop…just like Blackpool.

“The Biscuits Are Missing!”

However, we don’t sell any alcohol within the CCI HQ. There is no bar and no “last orders.” You can have a tea or coffee in our canteen, but go easy on the sugar and good luck trying to find the biscuits.

Back to the criminal act of drink driving and it is plumbers, builders and scaffolders who are most likely to have a few pints and then take to the roads. The typical “white van man” you might say.


We don’t know much about white van men here at CCI. There are other sites out there who cater towards van owners.

Here at CCI we mainly target car owners. It doesn’t matter if you are a learner driver or have been driving for years…we are the site for you if you want cheap car insurance.

We are NOT the site for you if you drink and drive. We only give quotes to law abiding drivers.

WANTED: Sober Drivers Only

If you are going to gain access to this secret link and find cheap car insurance prices then you must put up your hand and swear to never drink and drive.

Once you have done that…then click this link.

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