2019 – The Year of Telematics

Did you know that telematics can save you thousands of pounds on your car insurance? Yes you can, but only if you act quick.

We’ve spoke before about how young drivers can save money with telematics. As long as they drive safely and keep their nose out of trouble, then cheap car insurance for teens is all but a done deal…thanks to telematics. And now…

Everybody Can Benefit From Telematics

Not just young people. 2019 really is the year of telematics and this year it takes the nation by storm.

We firmly believe that telematics is going to blow through every town and city like a big gust of wind, but instead of leaving destruction in its path, it’s going to leave everybody with more cash in their pocket.

When you combine telematics with the tornado which is…Cheap Car Insurance. Then you are truly on to a winner.

How To Compare Car Insurance

All you have to do is take 3 minutes out from your busy schedule and then fill in this 3 minute form. All we need is a few basic details such as your name, address, registration number…that type of thing. Nothing complicated.

Once completed…just click the submit button and we instantly send off your details to around 100 car insurance and brokers. These are all carefully chosen partners of ours, many of whom are also willing to offer you telematics.

So how can telematics help you specifically? Well, let’s just take one example that happened recently, when a woman had a minor accident in her Renault Clio.

Fender Bender

It was just a low speed collision, with virtually no damage to her car or the other car involved.

So you can imagine her shock when the owner of the other car made a personal injury claim for £6000.

However, they didn’t realise this woman had insured her Renault Clio with telematics car insurance, and armed with the driving data they clocked the accident at less than 5mph.

As you can imagine, the fraudster quickly backed away when faced with the evidence, which means the owner of the Renault Clio and her car insurance company saved thousands of pounds.

Telematics Saves The Day!

Do you know what else can save the day? Dashcams. Make sure you install one on the front and one on the back to keep these fraudsters away.

Once you have telematics and dashcams, then make sure you check back to CCI at least once a year, to keep on comparing, and keep on saving.

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