£18,000 Car Insurance Quote for Young Driver

A young driver who hails from the town of Leitrim in Ireland recently decided to get quotes for his 2004 Ford Fiesta.

As we all know, young drivers under the age of 21 don’t get an easy ride when it comes to car insurance quotes.

£1000 to £4000 for Car Insurance!

Many expect to pay over £1000 for car insurance. Some even expect to pay over £2000, and even £3000, or £4000…but £18,000? That is just having a laugh.

This isn’t the first time I’ve reported about expensive car insurance for young people in Ireland. A few months ago another young lad got hit up big time, although he went to the local radio station and EXPOSED the car insurance company.

And of course, who can forget the time when a young woman tried to get insured and was given a quote of…

£8000 for Car Insurance!

Sometimes the young people of Britain and Ireland just can’t get a break, which means many decide to start travelling by tram or cycle instead.

There are others who decide to go down the fronting route. Their parents “front” the action, so to speak, while they get behind the wheel, if you see what I mean.

Young Drivers + Fronting = Wrong

However, fronting is against the law remember. If caught, then it is your parents who are taken away to pay for the crime.

In my opinion, the only real option for young drivers is to use CCI, the website you are on right now.

You can start up our comparison engine with only 1 click and then go through the gears to top speed in only 3 minutes. You then arrive at your destination. And that destination is…

Cheap Car Insurance for Young People!

Oh sure. Your chances of getting really cheap car insurance are slim if this is your first time in the driving seat, but you can make significant savings by comparing with us.

We have 100 trusted companies and brokers in our inner circle, and many of them will welcome young drivers with open arms if we vouch for them.

Here at CCI we are prepared to vouch for you if you swear to obey the laws of the road at all times and stick to the speed limit.

Also, look after your car. It might have only cost you a few hundred quid, but make sure you give it a wash at the weekends with a bucket and sponge.

Join Us and Thousands of Others

If you are prepared to raise your hand and join the CCI insider club then we accept you.

The price of admission? 3 minutes of your time on this simple form and then sit back and watch in amazement as you get cheap car insurance quotes for young drivers…right there on the screen in front of you.

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