DON’T Buy Car Insurance Now?

Last year we told the nation…Don’t buy car insurance in December. But should you listen to us or ignore us completely?

Firstly, let’s get to the facts. Yes, it is true that buying car insurance in December is the most expensive time in the year.

Paid Holiday = You Pay More

The reason? Because some car insurance companies break up for the holidays. Which means there is less companies to “compare” with, if you see what I mean.

In other words, the car insurance companies who hang around for the holidays don’t have to drop their prices as much. Which means they charge you more.

So if you are thinking of buying car insurance right now, In December, then you might be thinking about holding your horses.

“Buying car insurance will be my new years resolution,” you will say.

Filling in our 3 minute form is good in January, February, March, or April. It will still be here, don’t worry about that.

However, we would like to go against our own advice here, and to say to you, right now, at this moment. If you are thinking about buying car insurance in December then…

Pull The Trigger!

Despite the fact it is cheaper to buy car insurance in the other 11 months of the year. That isn’t always the case here at CCI.

Remember, we only allow the best of the best into our comparison inner circle, which means you only get quotes from carefully selected partners.

If one of our inner circle decided to take 2 weeks off for Christmas then they would be kicked out faster than you can say…

“All I Want For Christmas Is Cheap Car Insurance.”

We take no prisoners and don’t suffer fools gladly here at CCI. If a car insurance company doesn’t play by our rules then they are out. Simple as that.

For this reason, we can assure you the month of December is as competitive as any other in our car insurance comparison engine.

Those well known car insurance companies are fighting each other to win your business, and they are prepared to offer the cheapest car insurance in the UK to get it.

The same can’t be said for those other so called “comparison websites.

“Where Did You Learn Spanish?”

I’ve heard the meerkats are off to Spain for the winter and they are sharing a private plane with the “Direct” company. If you see what I mean.

No doubt they are enjoying an all expenses paid holiday. All paid for by you, the frustrated car insurance customer who has been forced to pay expensive prices year after year.

Here at CCI HQ we are staying put for the Holidays. We will even be here on the 25th and 26th of December, because we know that many people like to compare after opening presents and eating their turkey.

Turkey Sandwiches And Cheap Car Insurance

We will take 30 minutes to have some turkey sandwiches ourselves, in the CCI canteen, and then it is back to work, making sure you get Cheap Car Insurance for Christmas.

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