Here Come The MIB

The good guys are dressed in black…remember that…just in case you ever come face to face and they try to make contact.

I’m talking about those MIB’s of course, AKA, the Motor Insurers Bureau, who are now using special new powers to hunt down and catch uninsured drivers.

Good VS Bad

A collective groan might just have gone around this nation of ours…”how can these be good guys?” you say.

Sure, they might be out to slap the bare bottom of anybody trying to break the rules, but remember, the rules are there for a reason, and its uninsured drivers that are one of the reasons why car insurance is so expensive right now.

While you work hard and pay your car insurance bill every single year without fail…these uninsured drivers can’t be bothered…but it is YOU who picks up THEIR tab.

Here at CCI we welcome the MIB and their new powers with welcome arms, and we believe you, our faithful readers, should do too.

For example, one of the new powers the MIB have is the ability to catch uninsured drivers when they are not even on the road.

Hiding In The Bushes

Before, it was those “beep beep” scanners that caught out the uninsured drivers, but now they don’t even need that. Everything is automatic. They have eyes everywhere and eyes nowhere. You can’t see them but they can see you. They are the MIB. Car insurance defenders.

Once they identify a car insurance dodger then punishment is quick and severe. Forget about bare bottoms being spanked…in the world of those MIB’s it is all about fines of £1000 and even having your car crushed.

Imagine waking up and finding out your car has just been crushed. All because you didn’t have any car insurance. That is the power of the MIB.

So what can you do if you are reading this and you don’t have any car insurance, are you doomed to become the next victim of the MIB?

Here Is What To Do Now

Maybe not, but only if you act fast. You can compare car insurance right here in only 3 minutes, and then once you find a cheap quote you can buy car insurance right away.

You might just get insured in the nick of time, just before the MIB swoop in and take away your car. But you have to hurry. Insure your car now and hope you do it before your car gets crushed.

Cheap Car Insurance For Everybody

Here at CCI we invite everybody to see if they qualify for cheap car insurance. It doesn’t matter if you have a shady past or a perfect driving record. It doesn’t matter if you have done time or are always on time.

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