The Future of Driving is…Asleep

Self driving cars are almost here. The iCar is on the way and Apple are in the hunt. Even Samsung have a shot at becoming Number 1.

Most of CCI readers would prefer a Ford of course, although it is Tesla that currently lead the way.

Tesla Very Popular

In America there are now many Tesla cars that already have certain self driving features. For example, the Tesla Autopilot System on the Tesla Model S will perform basic tasks on your behalf.

What kind of tasks? Things like lane assistance and automatic steering and braking. Forget about your hands at 10 and 2…say hello to the age of putting your hands where nobody can see them.

While this Tesla does some driving tasks for you, its essential you keep your eyes on the road and don’t get distracted. You still have to do most of the driving.

“Wake Me Up When We Get There”

So you can imagine the shock, and surprise, when cops in California observed a Tesla Model S cruising down the Highway…with a man asleep at the wheel!

This guy must have thought the year was 2028 and the age of self driving cars was in full swing.

“The future of driving is here,” he would have said, before activating the Autopilot System and then bedding down for 40 winks.

As you can imagine, the California cops were soon hot on the tail of this guy in slumberland, but despite their best efforts they couldn’t get any response.

Horlicks + Meerkats = Instant Sleep

He’d probably just had some horlicks before setting off. Or maybe he had been reading the blogs of those pesky meerkats or the weird moustache guy. Those blogs are enough to send anyone to sleep.

He should have visited the CCI blog instead, and he would have had hours of fun reading through our posts.

“If the CCI blog is good enough for the prince of England, then its good enough for a Tesla owner from California,” the self driving man should have said, but he didn’t.

And that is why his Tesla was speeding down the California Highway on a path of potential destruction, until the cops managed to stop the vehicle.

Interestingly, once one of the cop cars pulled in front of the Tesla, then its intelligent Radar system sensed the car and gradually started to slow down.

The pursuit then came to an end right in the middle of the highway.

California Cops 1 – Sleeping Man in Tesla 0

The funny thing is…in a few years time seeing men and women asleep at the wheel might be the norm.

“Take me to Blackpool,” you will say, and with those words you get your head down for a couple of hours before arriving in the British seaside resort.

Cheap Car Insurance in Blackpool

Some have even said that CCI is like the Blackpool of the car insurance industry.

How so? Because even in 10 years time when self driving cars rule the road, we will both be a national treasure keeping it traditional.

In Blackpool, in the year 2028, you will still be able to go up the tower, eat fish and chips, go in the arcades, and see the lights.

And right here at CCI, in the year 2028, you will still be able to get cheap car insurance in 3 minutes with no hassle and no fuss. Just no nonsense quotes from 100 companies and brokers.

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