Drivers: Will You Pass The New Cycling Awareness Test?

Did you know a brand new cycling awareness test is being introduced? Also, did you know you could get cheap car insurance if you pass?

Some politicians in nice suits at the government have got together in a big meeting room in a bid to work out ways you can pay less car insurance.

Clever CAT

Their solution? To introduce a cycling awareness test (CAT for short), where ordinary drivers such as yourself will have to sit down and choose either A, B, C or D to a series of questions.

If you pass the test (95% of the questions correct) then you officially become eligible for cheaper car insurance.

How does this work? I’m not exactly sure, but I’m guessing you will get some kind of certificate you can show a car insurance company to get a better deal.

Too Many Cat Biscuits?

Will these fat cats at the car insurance companies care about your CAT certificate? Honestly, I don’t think they will. In fact, I reckon they will probably laugh in your face.

We all know the government are notorious for coming up with pie in the sky ideas one day, and then dropping them like a hot brick the next.

I would be willing to bet this particular CAT is going to be put on the mat in the not too distant future. Right alongside all the other weird schemes and ideas from the government.

Cat In A Top Hat

In the meantime, those fat CAT car insurance directors will keep on getting richer at your expense. They sit around those long tables coming up with ideas to make your car insurance more expensive year after year, but unlike the government, they are actually good at coming up with ideas.

That is the reason why your car insurance bill is likely to reach £1000 a year very soon, and the reason why car insurance renewal time is not a happy time. Not by a long shot.

Do you know what the government should do? They should invite us, Cheap Car Insurance (CCI) to the Houses of Parliament or 10 Downing Street and they should ask us how to get cheaper car insurance for the average man and woman.

Better Deal Than Brexit

We will sit down in that meeting room and say “no thank you” to the offer of prawn sandwiches and champagne. We will listen politely to what all of the politicians have to say, and then, when it is our turn to speak, we will say this…

“You can offer cheap car insurance for every citizen in the UK by putting this 3 minute form on the Gov.Uk website. This is proven. All we ask is a percentage. The government takes a percentage The car insurance companies still make money, and most importantly..

The millions of British drivers save money. Potentially hundreds of pounds!”

“You could even make it compulsory for everybody in the UK to get their car insurance through our simple 3 minute form on the Gov.UK website. It would be to their benefit, our benefit, and everyone’s benefit.”

CCI now in the government = everybody wins!

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