They Saved Him £547 on Car Insurance, BUT…

A national newspaper that rhymes with the word “Bun” has a weekly column where consumers can write in and get help.

Last week it was the turn of a man called Mark Hill from Rotherham who is 39 years of a age and is married to Helen, 34 years of age.

“Spits Out Cup of Tea!”

Mark was complaining about how expensive car insurance is right now. His car insurance price just leapt from £762 to £924 a year. Yowsers!

His insurer is Admiral, that well known car insurance company who have the slogan “the more you save” – or something like that.

Friend or Foe?

Admiral are also one of the trusted partners of ourselves, CCI…although with this recent news we are starting to wonder if Admiral are starting to get a bit too big for their britches?

Make no mistake about it. The relationship between CCI and Admiral is strictly business. There are no Christmas Cards. And if they start beating down the average man and woman in this nation of ours, then, we will have no qualms about booting them out of the CCI Inner Circle.

Nearly 1000 Squids for Car Insurance

Back to the story, and Mark was now faced with a car insurance price of £924, even though he had 11 years of no claims with Admiral. Just what is going on here?

As we’ve told our loyal readers before…loyalty doesn’t pay in the car insurance world!

Armed with this information, the “agony aunt” at the “Bun” gave Mark a few solutions to help him get back on the right track.

Car Insurance Cashback Scam?

One of the suggestions from “The Bun” was to join a cashback site and get some cash back when buying car insurance.

Our opinion? Not a great idea. You might save a few pennies. But we want to be saving squids.

21 Days to Form a New Habit

Another suggestion was to visit car insurance comparison sites to compare quotes just before renewal time. In fact, the “agony aunt” mentioned that 21 days before the renewal is ideal to get the best quotes.

Our opinion? They are right on the money with that tip. I would even take it one step further and suggest comparing all year round to keep a check on the prices.

You can compare car insurance 365 days a year here at CCI. It only takes 3 minutes and you are under no obligation to do anything once the quotes come through. My advice is to do that once a month.

The Usual Mob

The last suggestion from “The Bun” was to visit comparison sites such as “Tony Blair” (think about that one) – “those meerkats” – and “confused about the other one.”

Apparently, Mark did exactly as he was told and he saved £547. All thanks to “The Bun.”

Our opinion?


£547 might seem like a lot, but did he try out Cheap Car Insurance? He didn’t, the good old “Bun” forgot about us, it seems.

If Mark had used our 3 minute form instead of wasting time at the meerkat site or the weird moustache guys site…or that other site which is just downright confusing…then…

He would have no doubt have found…

The Cheapest Car Insurance!

In fact, he should have gone to another National Newspaper and said the words…

“Mirror, Mirror, on the wall, who is the cheapest comparison site of them all?”

Their agony aunt would have no doubt said…

“Why its Cheap Car Insurance. They are the site you seek.”

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