Police Issue Warning About Car Insurance Myths

The Police Force in Avon and Somerset are coming down hard on uninsured drivers this year. They are out in force and mean business.

You have been warned…by the Police themselves. They have released a list of “myths” about car insurance. If you live in Somerset and Avon…or anywhere in the country. You should read this:

Myth 1: Fully Comp = King Of The Road

If you get fully comp car insurance then you might think you can drive ANY car.

“I’m king of the road,” you say. “I can drive a Mini or Lamborghini!”

However, Police are warning drivers to check their insurance document, because fully comp doesn’t always mean you can drive any vehicle.

Many times you will need an extra DOV (Driving Other Vehicles) coverage. And if you don’t have it, then Police have the legal right to swoop in and take away your car.

Myth 2: “Hi Ho, Hi Ho…Its Off To Work We Go”

You insure your car and assume it covers you for driving to work and back. According to the Police, you could be wrong.

Go to your drawer right now and find your car insurance policy. Read the small print and make sure it includes “commuting.” If it doesn’t, then you are breaking the law if you drive to work and back.

Also, if you use a car for business, then make sure your policy includes “business mileage.”

You can include both “commuting” and “business mileage” on our 3 minute car insurance comparison form. Just tick a box and you avoid the cops.

Myth 3:  Mum Can Be The Named Driver On My Car

If you drive 9 out of every 10 miles. If it is you firmly in the drivers seat. If it is your hands at 10 and 2…then, you are the main driver and the person responsible for the insurance.

Putting Mum or Dad as the “named driver” might seem like a smart move to save money, but, it is not.

Why? Because the Police consider it fraud. They call it “fronting” and they might come round your house to arrest your parents. They won’t arrest you. You will be free to visit your Mum and Dad in prison. Visiting times are between 2pm and 5pm. After lunch and before dinner.

Myth 4: My Hunk of Junk Doesn’t Need Insurance

If you car is a write off and you no longer drive on UK roads…guess what? You still need insurance.

It might seem unfair and silly, but thanks to a law introduced in 2011 it is legit.

In other words, if you have a hunk of junk in your back yard or garage then you must declare the vehicle “off the road.”

If you don’t, then expect someone from the CIE (Continuous Insurance Enforcement) to pop out the bushes when you least expect it.

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