How To Insure Your Car For Only 3.4p a Mile

There has been an amazing breakthrough in the car insurance industry. “At Last!” many people are saying. You can now insure your car by mile.

In other words, you only buy car insurance when you need it. You only pay for what you use.

A Short Journey

If you only drive 1.4 miles to the local Tesco, and then you drive 1.4 miles back…that is all you pay.

If you drive a round trip of 207 miles to visit your long distance girlfriend…that is all you pay. Hope it was worth it.

The good news is that with pay per mile car insurance you DON’T pay when your car is parked and not on the road.

Did you know the average car is parked for 96 hours hours out of every 100 hours? Most people are paying for a stationary car.

Money Sleepwalking From Your Bank Account

When you are fast asleep and your car is parked…you are losing money.

When you are brushing your teeth and your car is parked…you are losing money.

When you are cutting the hedge and your car is parked…yep, you are losing money.

That is why thousands of British motorists are turning towards pay per mile car insurance.

Its powered by the smartphone that both you and I use…and you only pay 3.4p a mile. All you do is download an App and it records everything you do. As soon as you turn on the engine until you turn it off.

Stepping Over Pounds to Pick Up Pennies

My advice is to start saving those twos and ones. Put them in a jar and then raid it everytime you get in your car. At only 3.4p a mile you never have to use twentys, fifties and squids.

So is pay per mile and the company “By Miles” going to put traditional car insurance companies out of business? Hold your horses.

Too Good To Be True? Read This…

Firstly, there is set up fees if you want to start using pay per mile. You have to fork out £170 to join “By Miles” and then deposit £50 to activate your account. This means you are already playing catch up when paying by mile. It will take you a while to get back in the green if you see what I mean.

Secondly, while pay per mile is a good idea it isn’t for most people. If you drive less than 7000 miles a year then you will probably save money…anymore than 7000 miles and a traditional car insurance policy is the way to go.

Thirdly, It is unproven. There is no doubt about that. It’s new technology that is yet to be put through the paces by our nations motorists. Will it be able to take the heat or will it run out of the kitchen? Only time will tell.

In our expert opinion the vast majority of people reading this would be better off filling out our 3 minute form and going down the tried and trusted path to cheap car insurance.

Cheap Car Insurance – Unlimited Miles

Let’s say you submit our form and get car insurance from one of our trusted partners for £600.

That is only £50 a month for car insurance.

Or about £1.60 a day.

That is less than the price of your morning coffee.

It all starts with 3 minutes of your time with absolutely no obligation.

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