28% of Motorists Have Pants Round Ankles

A group of men and women took to the streets with clipboards recently. If you have a valid driving licence, they wanted to speak WITH YOU.

Did they speak with you? If they did, then you will know about the simple car insurance error that 28% of motorists are committing, right now, as we speak.

CCI, The Place To Be

If they didn’t speak with you, then its a good job you are reading this blog post here at CCI. Because if you were not right here, right now, then you might go on committing this error forever…or until you are caught with your pants down.

The punishment for having your pants round your ankles? A good hard caning might be the most suitable punishment, I’m sure you would agree…but in this case it is something far worse.

Car Insurance Direct Hotline

“Your car insurance policy has been ripped up,” the snooty man on the other end of the phone would say.

All because you didn’t keep your pants where they belong.

This ERROR could work out very EXPENSIVE indeed if you don’t pull your socks up and keep your pants up at the same time.

Mistake = Revealed

So what is this simple mistake? Basically, it is all about “estimating your mileage.” Something which everybody has to do when filling out the car insurance application form.

“I only drive about 10,000 miles a year,” you might say…but if you end up doing more like 50,000 miles then you are in real trouble if your car insurance company find out.

For example, if you are involved in an accident and it isn’t your fault and you go to make a claim with your insurer…

Then, if they find out you have underestimated your annual mileage…

You can expect your car insurance policy to become void right there and then.

It would be like you were driving around all this time without any insurance.

This mistake can easily become very expensive indeed.

Mileage by Numbers

Amazingly, 16% of motorists believe underestimating their mileage doesn’t matter.

Further more, 50% drivers are completely unaware of the consequences of getting their mileage numbers wrong.

Laughably, 26% admitted they get it wrong because they don’t have the time to come up with an accurate number.

On the other hand, 27% said they probably overestimated their mileage.

We Have Our Say

The CCI verdict on this? Its better to be part of the 27% who overestimate. Sure, you might pay slightly more, but, you will be covered if anything goes wrong. Peace of mind is better than “pants round ankles,” if you ask us.

If you don’t drive much at all. Say just to go for a picnic on a Sunday afternoon or shopping at Tesco on a Thursday morning at 10:35am…then you might want to give pay as you go car insurance a go.

3 Minutes to Cheap Car Insurance

Or just give our famous 3 minute form a go. You can overestimate your car insurance by 100,000 miles and still get cheaper quotes than elsewhere.

Try it our for yourself.

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