They Sniggered When I Used My Computer to Compare Car Insurance

“He’s having a laugh,” said Helen. “I’m waiting for the punchline,” shouted Steve from the back of the room.

“Everybody knows car insurance apps is where its at – using a home computer to compare car insurance, that is so….2008,” added Laura.

“He’s Up To His Old Tricks, I Bet.”

I milked the moment – I even wiped the computer monitor with my silk handerchief.

“I want you all to see this,” I said

I positioned my fingers above the computer keyboard like a concert pianist getting ready to play at the Carnigie Hall.

I Pressed The Submit Button

There was a pause among my guests. An intense silence in the air as everybody looked at the computer screen.

It was pure suspense.

“The quotes are in,” I proudly announced to my guests.

A Triumph

Everybody got closer to the computer screen. Their dumbstruck faces reflected back off the monitor.

The shock turned to applause. Before long everybody in the room was cheering and patting me on the back.

John walked up to me and shook my hand with a firm grip “well done,” he said

Sarah gave me a kiss on the cheek and with a twinkle in her eye said “you’ve overcome my skeptisicm…what was that website again?

Cheap Car Insurance,” I said.

Anybody Can Do It

You can be young, old or someone in between. You can own a Ford Fiesta or a Ferrari. You can be from London or Bristol

If you are unsure then you only need 3 minutes.

“Look how quickly I did it,” I said to my room of astounded guests.

“I’m sure I could do it in 2 and half minutes,” said Bob

“I’m sure you could Bob.”

The Only Catch

Does this sound too good to be true? Does the thought of having Cheap Car Insurance on demand seem like a joke?

There is one catch. You must do it on your home computer, just like the hero in the story.

Forget about your tablet and forget about your smartphone. Get rid of those car insurance apps.

Fire up the trusty home computer and type in www.CheapCarInsurance.Co.Uk/Buy-Car-Insurance.

You will immediately find yourself in the right place, at the right time

Risk Free Car Insurance

“Please send me very cheap car insurance. I understand I must use my home computer and I risk nothing.”

Thousands of smart motorists never dreamed about getting very cheap car insurance quotes…until they saw it right there.

Cut out the virtual coupon and mail it in 3 minutes. All you need is few basic details. Totally risk free. You are under no obligation.

You can even impress your friends with your very own moment. Gather them round for a party and then prepare to amaze and delight and watch their ridicule turn to admiration.

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