Birmingham in Car Insurance “Fast Lane”

The city of Birmingham is well known for having some of the most expensive car insurance prices in the UK. We know that.

Regular readers of the CCI blog will have seen the priciest regions to insure a car and noted the West Midlands as being particularly tough on the wallet.

Breaking The Speed Limit

Right now, as you read these words, Birmingham is driving down the car insurance motorway and they are in the fast lane.

Zooming down the lane at 80mph. No time to stop at a service station for a cup of coffee.

They are going so fast that London is soon going to be in the rear view mirror. Outer London to be exact, which is now cheaper than Birmingham.

That’s right. If you want to insure a car in Birmingham then its becoming more expensive than London.

DON’T Park Your Car Here

Not Central London of course. There is no chance of that. Not yet anyway. You have to pay £8 an hour just to park your car in Central London.

And not West or East London either. These two places are still right there at the top of the most expensive places to insure your car in the UK.

The West Midlands is not far behind though, and right now they are cruising at £939 a year down the fast lane. If they put their foot on the accelerator..just a bit, then it won’t be long before they go past the £1000 barrier.

In fact, Birmingham is already there. They have zoomed on ahead of everyone else in the West Midlands and are now at £1,049 for an average car insurance price in the city.

Your Chance To Fight Back

If you live in Birmingham, The West Midlands, or even West, East, or Outer London…how can you “stick it” to these car insurance companies? How can you get cheaper car insurance?

The answer is simple: You compare car insurance. Right here at Cheap Car Insurance.

Firstly, you go directly to our 3 minute form and put in basic information about yourself and the car you want to insure.

Secondly, you click the submit button and then wait for our trusted partners to generate your exclusive quotes.

Thirdly, you get the quotes…around 100 quotes to be exact. The kind of quotes that will make you wonder…

If You Are Living in Scotland?

Our quotes are so cheap, that even if you are living in Birmingham or London (the most expensive places to insure a car), it will seem like you have just got quotes for Inverness or Fife (the cheapest places to insure a car).

You might even wonder if the year is…


Filling in our 3 minute form is like going back in time…right back to the good old days when car insurance was cheaper. It was only 10 years ago that car insurance was basically half price.

Here at CCI we are really excited about giving you car insurance at 50% off…possibly.

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